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Performed by Evanescence

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Anyone else... | Reviewer: Yuki | 12/14/09

reminded of Fruits Basket, especially the way Akito treats the rest of the Zodiac? Also makes me think of the happy face Tohru puts on when really she's in so much pain.
I think the chorus could be applied to many people who have lied and made everyone believe they were happy when really they were in tremendous amounts of pain.

To Katie. | Reviewer: Reila | 4/7/09

I think it's about being lied to; like...the first song would be about a relationship, how people told her that she was unworthy, or the person that she was with told her she wasn't good enough, and this is a part two. She's seen the light, and the person who's done her wrong is being called out for the things they've done.

title?? | Reviewer: katie | 1/20/09

so the original song was about (depending who you ask) someone saved by God. this one sounds like its all a (excuse me for pointing out the obvious) lie. so which is it?? being saved by or being lied to??

LiEs | Reviewer: Jaime | 10/6/08

i love this version
until yesterday i actually had no idea there was a remix, so that made me pretty happy.
and i actually see how the original got it's name witht he whole "they'll never see, i'll never be" bit.

Cool stuff! | Reviewer: Nazneen | 2/18/08

I like this better than the original too! I've always been more a fan of good melody than of hard rock, and somehow this version connects with me more than the original. Both are amazing, though!

My only grouse with this version is the fact that the "Ohhh"s (my favourite part) get pushed too far into the back, and sound less haunting and powerful than they should... :-(

Lies Remix | Reviewer: Koritsuki | 9/27/07

Not as good as the orginal but I agree with Lucille, it really made more sense with the title. It was a little weaker and jumped around alot but it's still pretty good xD

Love the song | Reviewer: Lucille | 7/6/07

I love this song because unlike the original song it really connented with the title(in my opinion), not saying the other song isn't great, but this one's better.(again in my opinion)

Lies (remix) | Reviewer: Gabbie | 6/9/06

It was a pretty awesome song.. Not as hard as the original version ands a little more "melodic" but in the end still AWESOME!

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