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Performed by Evanescence

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a song related to me | Reviewer: joe | 1/30/11

when i here this song it's exactly related on me. i'm always listening to this song. actually it is my favorite song. in the middle of this song i always asking to my self about what my feeling is.
"is someone who can touch my heart?", that's one of my question. how about you? do you cry when you listen to this song? like me....

what this song reminds me of my sister | Reviewer: Lisa | 1/20/11

I always cry when i hear this song, my sister did die aswell, i've spent years just constanly thinking about my sisters death,i know pain, becuase i watched alot of my family die,fall apart, hate each other for more than 10 years, they still do it now. everybody acts like my sister isn't alive or never was, HAS NOBODY TOLD YOU SHE'S NOT BREATHING,(screams)HELLO!!!!!!! :'( Please please stop fighting,please please just stop it......

regret | Reviewer: sd | 12/22/10

i listen to this song thinkin about the mistakes i've made.i broke a guy who i loved a lot & watched him fallin apart.those days were like a dream.he left me & now he's gone.every minute i think about the shits i've done.beside that i irritated my best friend she's some kind of depressed now.i feel guilty.this song make me cryyyyyyyyy:(((((((

what this song reminds me | Reviewer: Sam | 11/13/10

This song reminds me of my grandma when she passed away a year ago and so for this talent show coming up i mite sing this song amy i am so sorry about wat happened to ur sister.Whenever i sing this song I feel like crying.

hello | Reviewer: javid | 10/23/10

in the during of this song...... i feel i find some one who can touch my heart. now i feel there is some one who can see my destroyed life. i just hope see her soon to say she ''hello''

i love your voice
whit best wishes for you

.. | Reviewer: Aborted | 6/29/10

hayIf anyone need someone who can talk with him when he sad and make him smile you can’t find cuz every one had a broken heart 2day i had this fall I don’t know what can I do I don’t want to cry I don’t want to do any thing , just I want to be a good person I’m not perfect I’m not a fix person no one can understand me no one!!! when I find someone I think I have every thing I needed but when the someone go I show my tears why she did that? I don’t know :s
every day I want to be perfect person for her but I shouldn’t be any thing for her cuz she want that I will be like my self not like any one where are you where’s my heart I can’t know what’s happen to me don’t try to fix me I’m not broken I think I can’t breathing I can’t still in this life I will do everything to be in death I want to do anything for her but I can’t I want to cry and cry and cry but I can’t do everything alone I want the person who can wipe my tear’s who can love me more than any one , I don’t have heart I can’t find it I can’t , when I meet you I don’t know what I do I think everything will be good but suddenly I got the last day’s with my X why you did that for me? I’m not in love I’m in everything with out love when I love her I tell my self you are who will make me happy but I’m in wrong thing I think that’s enough for me I can’t still in this life and I don’t want that’s not for you just for my self I have nothing in this life no one can stand with me 4 ever I think I’m sleeping with a bad dream’s.

I know the feeling Amy..... | Reviewer: Amber | 6/7/10

I know how she feels deeply. it's happened to me when my sister died too. I can't quit thinking about my sis's death. This song reminds me of what we used to do when we would play around and such... I miss her and i know your pain Amy... I know.. I cry everytime i hear this. I still hear my sisters voice. all her love is still here with me. I wish I could take all the things i said to her back. I never hated her. I wish i never told her that. I hope she knows i love her so much. Im so alone without her now. I have no one to talk to anymore..I love you Amy and I know everything will be alright....

emotional | Reviewer: harshita | 5/2/10

Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me cry, b cuz I always feel lonely or secluded wherever I am and I sing this song whenever i'm sad and lonely and the same time. I love you Amy and I'm sorry about your sister, I know exactly how you feel when you think about her... :'(

Hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/10

Apparently she dedicated this song to her little brother who died when born
Its a very deep text
Amazing song
And soon, there will be a new CD from Evanescence in November of 2010. She's back again! :)

beautiful and touching | Reviewer: shahla | 3/22/10

Whenever i listen to hello i feel there is something like a light in a dark that is going through my depth. I feel the sadness and kind of being hopeless in her voice but still proud. I went through some of very valuable reviews. i also think it s about the loss of something. Some said it s about her sister , i believe it s much deeper. in fact, all Eva songs are about the loss of something and the way we suffer. in my opinion, this 'something' is more about the loss of the happiness, joy , and love in life.. that s why i think her songs are quite thoughtful. I love listening to Eva for almost 2 years but i didnt use to enjoy before that. I think it s been really affected by how we feel something is lost inside.

Tell Tale | Reviewer: Renee | 1/8/10

I accept that most feel that this is a song about death, but not the reasons therefore. It is about dying inside of yourself. Ergo, the smiling but not believing. We all do what is expected of us under the umbrella of what other people want. When people ask "how was your weekend?" They don't want to hear anything besides "fine." And if you tell them what they don't want to know, they've already escaped into their "walking away" zone. They don't care. This is about dying away within yourself because that's the progression of life. Also, there is a beauty that will always remain beyond any pain.

My Interpretation | Reviewer: Anony Mous | 12/31/09

This is my 2 minute interpretation of this song. I believe the song is about having to deal with the death of a loved one. "Hello" from the first verse is the person's mind as it says talking to the body, giving them someone to talk to so they don't have to vocally talk to other people.
The hello in the second verse I think is the persons body talking back to the mind. The person is in denial so the body puts on a front by smiling and pretending everything is fine while the very troubled mind hides inside.
In the third verse they are no longer in denial. The hello is from the memory of the person who has died, speaking to the mind and body. They live on, only in memory.

Very heart touching song | Reviewer: Marie | 12/21/09

i dont think shes only talking about some one dying. it could be more deeper than that. it could be related to death but more maning to what happens when some one close to you dies (litterally and metephoricly. it could be explaining a state in denial. so it can relate to a heart break also. as in a break up with a person who you thought you were really meant to be with. or even a friend that might have abandoned you for someone else. but it just keeps going back to that theory of denial. either way i think it has many meanings. Its a truly touching song.

definitely song for tears | Reviewer: lora | 12/14/09

i know my words doesnt mean anything to you, but i couldnt stop myself from writing this. you know, i feel really sorry for those who have lost somebody. i know how much pain you are feeling, i know what hell were you going through. it desperately hurts.
i know theres no way i could help you, but if there was a chance, i would do it. cause i remember those days when i was feeling like i wanna die, but there was no one i could trust, no one i could talk to, no one who could help me.
its very hard to live further and i would say, impossible to forget. as i know myself, only with my friends i can smile. being alone makes me think about all the bad things in the world. and i just cant stop myself.

destroyed | Reviewer: dark angel | 12/5/09

omg !! ... i'm destroying more & more when i hear this song .. its imaaaazing .. it touches ur emotions indepth ... it reminds me of my girlfriend that walks away from me ... & i hope to see her soon .. or even just to hear her vioce only :'(

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