Reviews for Forever Gone, Forever You Lyrics

Performed by Evanescence

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love this band | Reviewer: Me | 9/24/2007

the song is beautifulllll,and evanescence is the best band ever,and amy lee is the best female vocalist and she is the most beautiful whomen and I just love this band.

best band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 | Reviewer: ericka | 8/22/2007

i love amys gothic style and their music is the best thing i have ever heard i never knew just one song can say so much

Awesome!! | Reviewer: Alyssa | 5/6/2007

This Song is very poetic like a lot of their songs!! I own a lot of their CDs so i am a huge fan!!

Good song! | Reviewer: Chris | 4/19/2006

when i first heard it i got in to it really fast.its still one of my fav song from evanescence, but it reminds me of my ex...

Forever gone forever you | Reviewer: john | 1/2/2005

wonderful rocker, Nice Amy Lee, haunting and sweet with Ben moody rifts really nice

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