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Performed by Evanescence

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I STILL REMEMBER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/12

I still remember when I was a child... Such a moving song.. Suddenly I feel that I want to remember everything on my childhood, and to forget who I am now.. If only I coulf turn back time.. So that I didn't feel the pain that I feel now.. Amy is always touching my heart and I feel as if she cathces all my feelings... Wonderful!!

A very deep and melancholic song, but so beautiful... | Reviewer: *Sam-Fenton* | 1/27/12

I am just in shock, first because of the melody of this song, then, because of the lyrics...they are sad...i just miss my childhood, think about that in that time everything was so damn easy, and now...Evanescence is just so fucking awesome!!!

What words could possibly describe this song. | Reviewer: Aro | 6/14/11

Wow. Im utterly appalled at the sheer beauty of this song. Its so mystic and warm but Amys voice calls out like a soul lost in the wilderness. It makes me want to cry, smile, dance and scream at the same time. Absolutley mellifluous- the lyrics invoke memories of joy and pain whch evryone can relate to, and the latin chant, just hauntingly unbelievable. God save us all

in my black soul,my dark heart,lost trapped in yhe realm of evil darkness,i have finally come to understand my origin,my self | Reviewer: peter okhuelegbe | 7/21/09

mere words cant express the way i love this beautiful song,oh evanescence,you have taken over me completely,your lyrics are more than wonderful,so spiritual,pure,powerful,deep,sweet,innocent,all in all,all your songs talks about reality what you go through it expresses the inner feelings,inner darkness,joy,pain,truth,the purity is ever present,how i wish i could write songs like you,how i wish i could see you,and give you a big hug,you guys are sooo cool.i have come to realize my self through your songs,i have come to realize the darkness of my heart i have come to understand my fears,sorrow,pain,emotional problems,lonliness.i am able to console my self in my darkness through your sweet songs i love you sooo much.God bless you guys.THE DARKNESS RISES,MY JOY DIES,SORROW SMILES DOWN ON ME,DEMONS TAKE OVER MY SOUL....I CRY TEARS OF BLOOD,I WATCH MY SOUL BREAK INTO A THOUSAND PEACES,I CRY TEARS OF SORROW,MY END DRAWS NEAR.......FINALLY THE UNLOLY HANDS OF DEATH HAS COME TO TAKE ME AWAY,I GIVE MY SELF TO YOU O SWEET DEATH,TAKE ME OUT OF THIS CRUEL WORLD OF PAIN AND SIN,I WANT TO GO BACK TO MY SELF AGAIN,PURE,INNOCENT,SPOTLESS,AND IN THE ARMS OF MY SWEET LORD IN HEAVEN....I CRY TEARS OF BLOOD,I CRY TEARS OF SORROW IN THIS WORLD OF EVIL SATANIC DARKNESS.....SAVE MY SOUL FROM THE NETHER REALM,TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE....OH I HAVE COME TO UNDERSTAND MY ORIGIN IN THIS DARK WORLD OF MINE........SAVE ME.

There is poetry In Life | Reviewer: PsychjiLL | 5/28/09

This song is terrific!So natural and overflowing. From the point of view of a fellow writer I can say that Evanescence is truly the best in writing for music!The powerful words blended with the soul-lingering tune is awesome!They truly depict the heart of an artist. :)

Memories come back | Reviewer: Missy | 5/2/09

Once I heard this song it took me back when i was younger and i didn't know about war or crimes. I thought that everything was innocent. Till I went to school and started seeing war and today's crimes. I soon have forgotten the feelings of being safe and the sun on my back. I do want to go back. I don't want the world anymore, I want to know nothing and be happy.

Amy Lee | Reviewer: Sylvia Bell | 11/26/08

I love the latin hymn. I think it is actually a true song off the book of phalms. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong, and its just a guess...) Anyways, this was when Ben Moody was in the band, and Amy didn't want to offend anyone. Just to try to back her up on future drama for the latin lyrics. This is probably my fave song, neck-in-neck with "Forgive Me." EVANESCENCE FOREVER! ^^

The Best | Reviewer: sima amiryaghoobi | 10/7/08

EVANESCENCE is the best music band in the world and this song is the best in their all songs.
I love dear Amy and I hope that I can meet her in one live concert.
Take care dear Amy.
I love you so much.

Field of Innocence | Reviewer: Anne | 7/26/08

This is one awesome song, the lyrics can really relate to anyone. It's saying that we all go from being curious children believing everything that we here to being adults who realise a lot of things are lies, that the world isn't as wonderful as we once thought it was.

Awesomness along with I must be Dreaming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

This song HAS to be heard with I must be Dreaming. If you listen to both songs together, they make a great chemistry and connection and make sence. Since i must be Dreaming is about how her abuse, and Field of Innocence is about how she misses her innocennce and she wants it back, It just make sence.

Saturated with Latin | Reviewer: AmyListener | 12/9/07

OK, OK, I listened some more and I admit the song is saturated with Latin. It starts Latin and ends Latin.
However the jabbering in the middle of the song trails off and is partially incoherent.
Aside from that, we have another awesome triumph from Amy XD <333

Tough Song | Reviewer: AmyListener | 12/8/07

This is a tough song to decifer. Sorry but I don't here any Latin.

I will agree that this is an awesome song. I was trying to decifer it and ended up just writing "Amy's a genius!"

Field Of Innocence. | Reviewer: jacob | 11/28/07

yes i do also agree with ye all people about this Special Song its very Moving Song theres too much hurt in it abd betray by this life and from the others very Deep Lyrics its like theres no meaning of all things withouth been true and honest to the other its like stabing you 100 time & over evry day in this life and at the end only the true love her so much from the bottom of my Soul

Felid of Innocence | Reviewer: London | 10/26/07

this is such a true song, we go from being wide eyed children, so niave and carefree, beleiving in everything no matter how mucht he evidence contridicts us, to beleiving in nothing but ourselves or what solid facts tell us, we lose our innocence and niativity...i miss it so much

Truly moving song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/07

This song has amazing lyrics i feel such a connection to this song cos my brother abused me when i was 3 and i long to have my innocence back which i lost at such a young age. Im not saying that the song is about that its just how i connect with it.

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