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Performed by Evanescence

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To Jesusfreak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

You're right, but this song isn't about jesus, it's about Amy Lee being abused by her boyfriend, and her finally realizing she should dump him.

<--christian too, so don't go all "omg anti-christian"

Paul McCoy is Hott!! | Reviewer: Jay-Jay | 3/8/07

I think that jesus girl got this whole song wrong. Its not about being dependent on a guy, or him dropping you, but having someone or something that understands you and then having it ripped away, losing hope. Kind of like it dying. You have to look past that guy thing, this means much more than that. But I still respect your religous stuff.

Thank You, Jesus Freak!! | Reviewer: Jalo | 3/2/07

I stumbled onto this site & jus happened 2 read ur review. I listened 2 the song with Jesus in mind and it made me cry. I did find a whole new meanin 2 it. I'm a Christian who's been havin a tuff time lately & been feelin a little lost. Thanks 4 ur courage 2 leave that review. U made a difference.

JesusFreak again... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/07

Respectively Speaking, thank you for your opinion, but I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I know the song wasn't written to be about Jesus, and that Evanescence doesn't focus on Jesus; I was only writting from my point of view and what the song means to me.I've found a love that I can not describe, and I so much want for others to find it too. That's why I wrote what I wrote.You have a good point w/ Romeo & Juliet.But the difference is that Jesus died for those who hate Him also; He loves them even though they despise Him.I don't think Romeo or Juliet would have died for the other if one of them had hated the other.That's true, people do sometimes call the one they love 'god' but I've never heard of them calling him or her 'Jesus'.Please don't think I'm trying to shove my opinion on you;I'm not.I'm just trying to further explain what I was talking about,so please don't be turned off by this.Thank you though for making your comment in the nicest way possible. You could have totally bashed me and stuff,but you didn't. So THANKS!! By the way,I can't help being obsessed w/ Jesus;I'm totally in love w/ Him!! I just want to let you know one thing before I go: Jesus is deeply in love w/ you! I promise! He said so, and He can't lie! Please believe that one thing, even if you don't agree w/ anything else I say. He loves you! :]
(by the way, this song rocks even if we don't agree on the subject of Jesus. We have something in common!! [I think] )

Respectively speaking… | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/06

Jesus freak, that's a respectable opinion and all but sadly it's an opinion. Obliviously, you've gotten got up in what you'd like the song to be about. You're idea started off good, but you lost me with the Jesus obsession. And as a retort the whole point of love is I'll die for you, ever hear of Romeo and Juliet? Anyway where in that song does it hint and a love for Jesus. If you're familiar with Evanescence’s lyrics they don't focus on optimism or being upbeat especially in a Jesus obsessed religious way. And eh god and Jesus are usually symbols for another person whom she is in love with or obsessed with. 'my god my tourniquet'

JesusFreak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/06

This song is awesome! But for all you girls out there that think that your boyfriend is the 1 who can bring you to life, I'm sorry, but you're wrong.If you've seen the music video, she trusts in a guy to bring her to life, but he ends up dropping her! It's the same with us. If we trust a person to give us life they will end up letting us down. The only one that can truly bring us to life is Jesus. Anything anyone else gives is temperary, but Jesus will never let you down.He loves you more than any guy could; hello, He died for you!How many guys would do that?(any guys reading this just change guy to girl) All I want to say, is trust Jesus. He will never let you down; He will give you life like you've never imagined, if you just trust Him. He loves you, even if you're the worst person in the world, I can promise that. Try singing this song with Jesus in mind; you will find a whole new meaning to it.

i love evanescense | Reviewer: lilia | 7/15/06

i used to think that im dead and i need some person , who make me feel alive!!!and i wos listining this song and crying loud...and now i finally faund him!he is my boyfriend who wake me up inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this song rocks | Reviewer: evanescencecrazy | 7/6/06

i love evanescence i have almost every song theyve ever played. i get the songs illegally i love them so much. But i agree with the person who said that once u hear it youre addicted to evanescence. this song is the reason i got into evanescence. i heard on the radio quite a long time ago and did everything i could to get it. i ended up buying the whole fallen album for that one song, tho i had never heard any other songs. i love them now, and need about 5 more songs to complete my evanescence collection. two things id like to say: the radio stations should play more evanescence. ive only heard bring me to life and my immortal, which are awesome but they need more. also some of the lyrics on here arent evanescence, like fuck off and liquid blue. there are more too, but plz ppl dont send lyrics unless theyre evanescence

Amazing | Reviewer: Tyler | 6/10/06

This Song makes me feel Inferior it's an amazing song makes me feel like i'm listening to God or it

Amazing | Reviewer: Chloe | 2/2/06

The song wakes you up rocks you out and chills you to the bone. Pure class!

EVANESCENCE | Reviewer: Maja | 1/16/06

This song is amasing...
The first time i heard it it was like '' Oh my god this song is amasing'' you cant stop hearing it:P
It's a very good song and i like the mening of it...

Bring Me To Life Review | Reviewer: Jeremy | 11/7/05

Personally, my favorite Evanescence song. It's exciting, full of suspense and gets you hyped up. A perfect mix of rock band and string orchestra with a few synthesised effects in just the right spots. Singing guest vocals on this track is Paul McCoy (from the band "12 stones"). This song is perfectly written, recorded and mixed. The music was written by musical genius, Ben Moody and the lyrics by Amy Lee. An excellent song. Check it out!

Rating: 10/10

Wow! | Reviewer: Maahi | 9/24/05

This song is Superb! It will surely Bring you to life! And dont forget to watch its Video. The song is Very Very Goood!

It certainly brought me to life | Reviewer: Sabastian .A. | 7/31/05

This song is really a great song and I would advise any to listen to it sometime. It's very meaningful with a hint of sophistication. After you've heard this song, you'll be addicted to EVANESCENCE.

BTZG | Reviewer: Neha | 5/2/05

This sng is really good and enjoyable and you don't get bored with it. This is my favourite rock song because this is the song that actually got me to like other rock songs in other words lets say it was the real proper first rock song i ever liked. So i'd give it billion and trillions and zillions and gazzeleons out of 10.

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