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Performed by Evanescence

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Great Song | Reviewer: Ice | 8/5/07

Awesome... It helps me a lot, I'm very depressed... The lyrics are beautiful...

wow | Reviewer: snickers | 7/7/07

sheer brilliant!!!! this song is awesome. one of my favorites

sweet | Reviewer: Kristi | 5/22/07

I love this song so much it just sounds great. Everytime I hear this song I can't stop myself from singing it. This song rocks!!

omg | Reviewer: me | 5/19/07

like omg u ppl r so STUPID to use AOL. i cant wait until ur comps crash
song rocks! ppl r stupid!

All That Im Living For | Reviewer: Fallen | 5/9/07

This is a really good song. I have a lot of problems and just by reading this you've helped me. I have my own locked doors and my own ghosts to face. Yes, I am a very depressed, worthless individual and I guess I spend too much time on the computer, but I really dont care. I love this song and it really relates to me. If you want to talk, my emails up. I also have AIM, my S/N is JustxLikexYou Xo

Thank you.

23/04/2007 | Reviewer: Alena | 4/23/07

It's realy cool!

Fantastic song...FANTASTIC album! | Reviewer: Johnny Angel | 3/11/07

This is by far my most favorite song from this album aside from "Call Me When You're Sober" and "Lithium" - on a scale from 1-10, I give this song an 11 all the way, baby! :) I bought this CD about a week ago and I've listened to it like 10 times already! This is a MUST HAVE album for any die-hard Evanescence fan! My other favorite songs from this album are "Sweet Sacrifice", "Like You", "Lose Control" and "The Only One" - if you love Evanescence and don't already own "The Open Door" yet, you need to get it! AMY LEE RULES!! EVANESCENCE RULES!!!

Sweetest | Reviewer: Faan | 2/17/07

Definitely one of my favourite songs in the album and of the group. The acoustic version is soothing and beautiful, the rock version is excellent too. The lyrics are powerful, yet so simple.

Gorgeous Song | Reviewer: Nirvana | 2/19/07

This is the most beautiful song ever:D I alwys want to sing along with Amy everytime I hear it! I LOVE how it sounds on AOL Sessions, Amy Lee is so beautiful and has a beautiful voice to match it. I LOVE EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!! :P

Beautiful | Reviewer: Fire | 12/22/06

I love this song; the lyrics are so pretty. Have you heard it on AOL Sessions? Amy performed it w/o the guitar and it sounded so breathtakingly beautiful and sad. Almost made me want to cry. I'd prefer the piano and cello version but this one is also good in its own way.

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