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Performed by Evanescence

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I love Evanescence! | Reviewer: Harmony | 7/12/10

I think that this is one of those songs that the listener gets to choose what it's about. When you first listen to it, it is kind of confusing.. but if you really pay attention to the lyrics you can easily find what it has to do with your own life. I love Evanescence so much!! They are incredible! The music is amazing and when Amy sings she turns the music into pure magic. I feel what she feels when she sings and she takes you to another world of magic when she sings. I am one of their biggest fans :) I love you evanescence! Thank you for this amazing song!!!

Beyond Amazing | Reviewer: i-am-the-light | 6/12/10

This song IS me. It is like my life story. Amy Lee is the most amazing singer and songwriter ever and I can relate to everything she writes.

Thank you, Evanescence, for getting me through some tough times with your music. Your songs pull me back down to Earth at the same time as freeing my spirit and letting my emotions soar at a grateful high of happiness.

Omg wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

This song touched me Amy is so nice in rl plus she sings about her life just like me i picture it that in her old life somebody was haunting her and "take my darkest fears and play it" make me think listening to your fears make you less afraid of them.

All That I'm Living For | Reviewer: Little Raven | 10/27/08

This is just another brilliant song, written by the thoughts of the beautiful Amy Lee.
There's just an high level of inspiration coming from it, just imagine how much she should have when she wrote it. I love it, and I can imagine many others also do and will love it. The words seem to fit together and there's no doubt this'll be another song that can help many and many people out of a confused situation.

Of all of The Open Door songs, this one takes for me a fine second place, after Good Enough(and third'll be Like You), and I prefer the acoustic version above the Rock, but both are simply brilliant.

All That I'm Living For | Reviewer: Bob | 5/27/08

This song is sooo amazing! It's about how much Amy loves the band and that it is her whole life. I think that this should have been the third single instead of Sweet Sacrifice, just cause it's so much better. I LOVE EVANESCENCE

Correction and Opinion | Reviewer: Kyoko | 2/22/08

Firstly, EvFan, this song WAS supposed to be the third single, but instead, SWEET SACRIFICE, not Good Enough, that was already the planned fourth single, took it's place. Just felt I needed to correct you. xD; I'm OCD.

Anyways, this is a rather nice song, it's not my favorite from TOD, but it's good. I love all of Evanescence's songs, it's just to what extent. Although the lyrics are choppy and aren't like Fallen they are what makes TOD and it's a new beginning, I can't wait for their Junior album to come out. But it prolly won't be until 2009 or 2010 before we see a new Evanescence album. x_x But I have over 100+ songs from Evanescence to keep me occupied until then...xD

I loved this song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/08

This song has to be one of my alltime favorites of their album. It perfectly describes me and a predicament going on in my life. I love it so much I'm doing it for an art project in school where we have to write lyrics in a little book. Its simply beautiful!

Gordgeous! | Reviewer: YugiohZombieMuffin | 1/6/08

I love this song so much! Especially the first part:
I can feel the night begining.
Seperate me from the living.
I love Amy Lee's mind.You'll never know what she'll wright next,and she always speeks nothing but the truth when it comes to her music.
I wish Amy Lee eternal Happyness!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Kim | 1/2/08

I was truely touched by this song. The song reminds me of a very dark period in my life and it help me through it. The lyrics, "Take my darkest fears and play them, Like a lullaby," touched me the most.

All That I'm Living For | Reviewer: EvFan | 9/15/07

This great song by the Gothic rock band Evanescence was considered to be the third single from the sophomore album The Open Door, but was replaced by Good Enough. The song is mainly about what the band means to Amy, telling about how she came to realize that the band was her life. It has a great rock sound and should defiantly be released as a single sometime in the near future.

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