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Performed by Escape The Fate

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Hm | Reviewer: Zoeeee | 9/27/08

I definitely agree that Ronnie was better for Escape the Fate.
Craig has an amazing voice as well, but he just doesnt fit with escape the fate for me.
he was so much better for blessthefall in my opinion.

i like the song nonetheless =]

Love it <3 | Reviewer: Chris | 9/21/08

Love the song <3
Sure, it's NOT the same without Ronnie, I realize that. I actually like Craig. He's great for the band. I think he has a great voice. I've heard he's better like than Ronnie, but I don't know how much that count's for, or if that's even true, I'll have to check it out. Anyway, I'm glad Escape the Fate is still together after everything. Love the new Escape the Fate, Love the old Escape the Fate, can't wait for the CD.
'Nuff said
I believe the part you can't get is
"Leave it be
I take it back, take it back
Leave it be
I take it back, take it back
Leave it be
Leave it be
Leave it be"

I Loveed the old EFT | Reviewer: Stephh;_<3 | 9/17/08

I can honestly say that I am not "into" Escape the Fate as i was after hearing this song... Ronnie was amazing in the bad and a far better singer then Craig. Omar neeeds to be back in the bad to give it the screaming sensation as he was fantastic. I saw them live before Ronnie went to jail and Omar left, then I saw them not too long ago at the roundhouse in sydney, it was no where as good as the orignal. MAX IS HOTT! Now that i have said all the negative i should say some postive. The lyrics are really good and relate to me, i likee this song.

If you have never heard of escape the fate befrore this song i suggest you listen too
1) Dragging dead bodies...
2) The ransom
3) There's no sympathy for the dead
4) My Apoclypse

and the others are great as well!

Ly xox

10/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/08

I absolutely love this song, and I was one of the sceptics that said that escape the fate wouldn't be the same without the unique voice of ronnie radke. But Craig has really done this band proud and has taken escape the fate to a whole new level, and I truely cannot wait for the new album to come out!

Escape the fate are back, and they're gonna break your hearts all over again!

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