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Performed by Eric Clapton

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Among Clapton's Best | Reviewer: Ronald D. Morley | 3/3/2006

This song deserves a place next to "Layla" among the songs of lost or unrequited love that Eric Clapton has written and performed. The version from the live session on the "Just One Night" album is the definitive version. Clapton's playing is so emotion laden that it's hard to listen to this song and not think about one's own lost loves. The song's melodic phrasing is soft, but with a edge that speaks of the anquish of a man who knows that, somewhere in the past, he lost his chance at true love: the type of love that makes one weak in the knees at the sight of one's lover; that makes one physically ill when one realizes that the relationship is no longer what it was and one's life is the poorer for it.

The swapping of the lead that Clapton plays with Albert Lee is at least as good as anything found on "Layla and Other Love Songs". In some ways it outshines the dual lead that Clapton played with Duane Allman on the Layla album. This is most likely due to the years of study and work that both Clapton and Lee have put into their craft, to say nothing of the many problems and tragedies that have occurred in Eric Clapton's life in the years since "Layla". One gets the impression that both men were in tune not only with each other, but also with their Muse the night the song was recorded. Each weaves his melodie around and through that of the other with no sense of the strain or competition that is sometimes just below the surface in Layla. It's truly a shame that Duane Allman can't come back and play this song with Eric, it is certain that another epic collaboration would be the result. Since such a meeting will never happen we'll have to take the Clapton/Lee version and simply rejoice that this track was laid down.

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