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Performed by Enya

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asking why | Reviewer: Anne Rose | 6/5/10

I don't know why. We want to know why some one close to us say goodbye, we do not know why or how when that person does say goodbye that everything in our daily lives are affected,and we do not see clearly. We want to know, why we act a certain way to the problem, though we can not answer it our self which would explain' is there a reason' in our selfs we do not want to say goodbye yet we can not stop someone from saying goodbye, which affect us. That's how I interpret it.

Someone Said Goodbye | Reviewer: effendy | 12/11/07

The song is about a someone to be left behind, untold and seek the truth in life why she/he leaving. Enya voice sound sorrowful and and music itself show dramtic feeling.

Beautiful, true melody. | Reviewer: Elentari | 12/2/07

Enya is a fantastic artist. She sings meaningful lyrics to ethereal melodies...and in the process draws out her listener, somehow making them wish for something just beyond reach, attainable only in a world the music can create. This song asks the questions we all would like to know: why is it so hard when we have our hearts broken, when "love" ends? Even if it's happened more than once to us?

I Love This Song! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 10/7/07

I think the title pretty much says it all! This song is so sad and sweet; it's one of my favorites. And Enya is the BESTEST singer in the whole wide world! GO ENYA!!! :)

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