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OMG! | Reviewer: hayder from Iraq | 11/24/13


enya my love n best female singer | Reviewer: ckenny | 11/21/13

enya is a singer that is special.she is someone that lifts my spirit with her song.when ever i play her song,it repeat until i am filed.ur style of music is so special.God keep you for u so much.ENya

You're a rear gem | Reviewer: Michael | 10/30/13

The first time I felt your aura I knew it is original, spiritually fortified, and highly inspirational. I don't have to think before I know it is Enya, I download all because I know they'll surely uplift me, I don't know how you do it I believe all things natural are made by God. You are truly a rear gem.

Music that touches the heart soul and mind love u Enya | Reviewer: Allain | 10/2/13

Av been listing to enya from 2002 until present 2013 and my god I love her style of music so much.Enya ur part of my life I listing to u songs right through morning noone and especially at night times. Your the one that puts me to bed every night enya I love you so much ur music is so inspering. A can't even explain,it just make u reach into ur inner mood; an a tell you yours songs match any mood their wonderful to listing in any state happy,sad,bored,loney any mood trust me they just suit it. For me a love to listing Exile, only time, hope as a place and song of sandman(luddy) when am feeling sad an down those song life my spirit. Love u so much enya wish a could meet you in person. From jamaica

ENYA, THE ANTIDOTE OF HUMANISTIC HICUPPS!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/13

I came 2know Enya better when 4d very first time I heard & passionately listen the "only time". The secret behind her songs is dat it takes away stress,worry & the predicament of life only & if only u listen with your spiritual being. Her songs heals the spirit,soul & the body of human frm dejection & pessimism state. Enya, I just hope one day I'll interview u & have good eating time with u. My Name remain Ukairo Michael & a student of journalism from Nigerial. Stay bless, Enya!!

I pray that one day I will have that opportunity to shake your hands and say "Thankyou" | Reviewer: Ben Paul | 8/9/13

PNG is a country where life is a challange every day, your songs espically 'A moment lost'keeps my mind at peace. I pray that one day I will have that opportunity to shake your hands and say "Thankyou".

enya, god-realized soul | Reviewer: ucheagwu ebuka | 8/9/13

In her we see celibacy and creativity at work. she comes to tell us that music is a transcendental art when many see it as an object of deifying base human passions. Enya, keep leading men to the divine.

enya takes you to heaven and back. | Reviewer: ikenna | 7/31/13

i have been hearing enyas songs in movies without really knowing its her. that was before i heard only time which made me to become addicted to the singer so much that i spend hours a day downloading more of her song. my favorites are may it be wildchild now we are free adiemus only time. i never dislike any work of enya. it heals my soul. keep it up. you are an angel in form of a woman. we love you in nigeria.

Enya is divinity in motion- with her angelic voice, she has conquered the world of music | Reviewer: lordiyke | 7/3/13

When i heard 'only time' in 2006, i fell trapped into the web of the song's passion. deep in the song, i felt taken by enya's melliflous voice. i was at the point of no return. what else can i say? i'm just speechless. thank GOD for you, ENYA.

What an Angelic voice | Reviewer: Abani samuel | 7/2/13

Oh, i can't really state hw i fell when listening to ENYA. Let me just say I appriciate the gift nature has given us in the music world through ENYA especially in her song 'ORINOCO FLOW. Again shes in my part 'ALTO', oh hw lovely it is to me.

Soul riviver | Reviewer: Amaechi Chinonso ( a.k.a. Tight beatz) from Nigeria | 5/29/13

At first, I never gave her song any consideration or rating the first day I heard it at my friends place until one night..... I didnt put off my radio set before I dosed off, then I had a dream where I went to heaven, the angels were singing a wonderful song that I was so happy that I even tried singing with them in my dream....then I woke up and discovered that it what I've been hearing was "only time" being played on my radio... Since then (year 2006) till date, she has been my favourite female singer. I love only time, one by one, adiemus, wild child, a day without a rain, orinoco flow, may it be, fallen embers, robin hood and many more. I pray to meet you one day...

such a star | Reviewer: chukwudi onyendi | 5/15/13

Wow what an artist. I so love Enya. 'Anywhere is'inspires me a lot.I even developd a paintin 4rom d concept. 'Carrebbean blue'reminds me of a time. Am now in love wit 'now we are free'' Adiemus' is another muse.keep it up my idol ENYA

Making it Unique | Reviewer: Sasha | 5/2/13

All Enya did was make her voice unique. Everyone has a different style, and Enya has made hers. That's not to say she isn't ethereal, but she is also human. And about her playing different instruments, I admire that. I'm learning piano and violin myself.

Kingsley | Reviewer: Chukwudi | 4/13/13

I Lack Words to describe this Wonderful Woman ENYA" She's Simply the Best in what She's Doing. Her Songs are always on Ma Playlists Every Night and Day. Cant wait to see My IDOL & have Her Autograph. I LOVE YOU ENYA!!! Hope has a Place in a Lovers Heart, Wild Child & Flora's Secret are My Hit Tracks. Still Love You ENYA!

Simply The Godly Experience | Reviewer: Ralph from Canada | 4/9/13

Orinoco Flow brought me closer to the almost religous quality in your voice and music. I could never Thank You Enya enough for sharing your wonderful heavenly gift to the world. I love you.

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