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Goddess | Reviewer: Tony | 3/17/11

Sometimes i wonder, is enya a godes or jst a talented lady singer,the more i think the more it gets complicated. Her music is definatly 4rm d heavens, some where out of dis world. She truely is a goddess of sound

MY ADORABLE ENYA | Reviewer: medicus appiah | 1/7/11

I mean she's a real genius.Can't find the right words to describe her and how she makes me feel with her highly unique artistic way,of communicating through her music.I'm so much in love with her work.Would wish to meet her someday...

Simply Superb | Reviewer: Ativi Joel | 12/23/10

Enya's songs are simply superb, i can't do a day without listening to one or two of her music, as poet her songs let me reflect on simplicity of life, she let me remember the birth of a child and the passing away of a comerad. Her songs are inspirations flowing from NATURE.

Enya Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/10

Enya's music has always been a favorite for me and for the rest of my family. I'm always listening to an Enya CD. My favorite has always been Amarantine.
I hope to see another Enya album in the near future.

The end of an era of grace & beauty in music | Reviewer: the Bruce | 11/7/10

Enya has retired and the world becomes a little darker, a little sadder.
Her songs came to mind at the birth of a child, the passings of fellow combat veterans but I feel the songs most deeply when I'm in the Florida wilderness, feeling life's energy flowing through me.
Yes, it is a rather sad time for us but a good one for the Enya triumverate. All three have worked hard and deserve their early retirement.
I only wish they had produced a farewell CD. I feel it would've been the most precious jewel of their illustrious careers.

DON'T THINK,FEEL | Reviewer: Pouriya | 10/6/10

Hi,I don't know what to say about her,I think there are so many words to say about her but i want to describe her in one word( STUNNING )but also i think even that word is not suitable to describe her,I mean she's better than that so forgive me if i couldn't find any good words to describe you,Enya.
I've read all of the emails that were sent to you by your fans,I think they love you so much & also each of them has got a diferent feeling about you,For example some of them say:You're an angel,Or some of them say:Your songs kill the pain or they say:When we listen to your songs it seems that we are in heaven but in my opinion your songs are completely different because if they listen exactly,They realize that your songs are different,I mean they mustn't listen,They must feel your songs & free their soul to sky & feel GOD,This is the meaning of your songs.
I would really recommend this sentence to all of your fans,Enya.
I can't say how much i love you Enya so just i want you to know that I LOVE YOU MUCH MORE THAN ANOTHER THINHS IN MY LIFE,Because you're like water & oxygen to me,I can't live a day without listening to your songs.
I'm sure that i will see you in near future but if i won't be able to see you,Be sure that i'll see you in the heaven because also GOD loves you like us.
GOD bless you.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..........................................................................

enya my best jazz artist. | Reviewer: rufus | 10/2/10

am thrilled when ever i listen you your music. the main part of it is that am always at peace, in love, happiness, and all the good things about me always become conspicuous any time i listen to your favourate is flora's secret, but often at times i listen to dora ar mo chrio, fallen ember, storm in africa, trains and the winter rain. in fact, i love all your musics with no exception. i so much love you enya. rufus.

a voice dat gives dreams.far&away | Reviewer: abraham katto | 8/5/10

u are an angel sent by God.hearing ur songs kills d pains in brings out d happines of life from my soul.ur song touches my body spirit &soul.makes dem connect 2gedr.i alway sleep peaceful when listening 2 ur songs.u are an angel.hapi 49 birthday.may u live long.

confused | Reviewer: Linda Lamanuzzi | 7/14/10

Okay, will someone help me out here.? It says that Enya writes all the songs, but it also says that Roma writes the lyrics. I do not know the difference.
thank you to anyone who can explain it to me.

On my way home, Flora's secret | Reviewer: Echezona | 6/20/10

All Enya's songs ar gud especialy to me. But these two (on my way home & flora's secret ) ar something else. listen to them is Heaven. They ar my only sleeping pill. She's a miracle, soul amender and an idol ...

you make me dream of a better tomorrow | Reviewer: Christina | 5/22/10

Whenever I hear his own tragoudinme be forgotten to escape the dull moment I would imagine that they lived in was aprelthon why the future will not so it was sometime in green.
Just as well are you and your wonderful music and traveled to parts of the brain dreams.

dream walking | Reviewer: tori | 5/9/10

im 16 years old and i LOVE your music your makes me think of dreams or heaven. you are truley inspiring to me.I cant begin to imagine how to say how i feel when i listen to your voice. Its healing and it feels as though im in a dream and i dont want to wake up.Thank you soooo much for your music and you!!!


I cant do a day without listening to your Song, ever since i heard your music in movie BraveHeart i have been listening to it, i thank God that i got to know your song, it helps a lot in my life and i have not seen anybody that heard or overheard it that doesn't get touched, YOU ARE AN ANGEL WITH ANGELIC VOICE AND ANGELIC WORDS. I wish to see you or come to your show someday, may you live long, HAPPY 49 BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE. WE YOUR FANS LOVE YOU.

You're the best | Reviewer: Emmanuel osagie | 5/2/10

U're actually a singer with a difference..there is this uniqeness in ur style of singing...I play the piano and there is one thing i love doing, and that is scoring ur songs.. I've actually worked on most of ur songs(esp book of days,wild child,the celts) and i tell you they re amazing...keep up the good work...

enya's voice is angelic | Reviewer: angela chinwe | 4/2/10

enya's songs are thought provoking. she has an angelic voice. each time i listen to her songs, i always imagine her as an angel. enya is a gift to the whole world. her songs are really good.

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