u are God sent | Reviewer: M.J Gambo | 6/1/09

am a Nigerian, honestly ur song is an inspiration to my life. u know what? my pals say i listen to an occultic music which they also enjoy. i so believe that it is far from it. my only problem is not understanding the wordings of the songs.
whenever, i listen to ur song i feel am in anoda world expecially 'storm in Africa'.
luv ya.

Rain | Reviewer: Itodo martin okechukwu | 5/8/09

The first day i had that track i thought that the world has come to an end,God did a marvelous work in you,i love you praying if i will be opportuned to see,i will surrender,i will have you not to hold you as i have all your albums and collections,once again you are different.

A blessing to the senses | Reviewer: Jim Parker | 2/24/09

Your music has touched me in ways that I haven't been touched in many years. "Only Time" has sent me on a journey to reflect on my life and where it has been and where it is now going. Only time will know if my new journey takss me to where I was supposed to be all along.
I would like to think I will meet you somewhere in this life, but if not, I will still have your music.
God has blessed you with an inner beauty, voice and talent that few are given. Honor and use those talents well. God Bless and keep you.

A Texas soul - captured | Reviewer: BUD CRESS | 1/28/09

I've heard your songs often in the past few years, but couldn't discover origin/artist for long time. I was "hooked, captured, amazed" and was immediatly searching for your albums. Now I've found this site and have read bio - does not idicate marital status...(sorry, I'm 70 and living near Houston, TEXAS USA...and married about 50 yrs). Your music is unbelievably mellow and melodic..to a fault! Cannot get enough. Have CD's in all family vehicles and thru-out house. Please put out more and more, the world needs more of your special grace and talents.

Angel Voice | Reviewer: Alvin | 11/24/08

The music of enya completely changed me. I've heard few of her songs when i was in college sometime 1995. I heard it played in one of our classrooms when it catch my senses. at time, R&B was already popular. but the voice that Ive heard was completely elemental! I asked one of the students there if they happen to know the title of the song, and she said it was sheperd moons by Enya since then i have collected all of her albums until now. I love it.

Hello from Malaysia | Reviewer: Ganesan Malaysia | 11/13/08

Hearing your voice makes me feel that time has stopped for the moment.For years i have been a great fan of yours and i am glad that i am able to tell you that you are truly blessed with a beautifull voice.Hope you will do an asian tour and come to Malaysia in the near future.Till then keep making beautifull songs so that people like me will always feel happy and peacefull in our hearts.God bless

review enya | Reviewer: freyds | 10/11/08

i find her song relaxing and puts me into something of out of this world. she have voice that is different from other female artists.the lyrics are good and makes you feel that in this world full of chaos and strife we can still hope..

shes different | Reviewer: Jonathan of cebu | 10/9/08

i like her songs,it reminds me something from the past,she had a great voice that i cannot compare to some female artist,the combination is great , the style the instrument and her voice is perfect..

An Excellent Artist and Her Music | Reviewer: TK | 10/8/08

When "Orinoco Flow" first came out in the '90's, I loved it but didn't know what the title was. Guess I should have done more research, but when Celtic Woman came out with the song, I remembered how much it had affected me and found out who had first performed the song. as a guitarist, more on the classical side than the rock side of the spectrum, I have been looking for the music and lyrics. When I heard it again performed by Enya on You Tube, my memory shot back to those earlier days and did the research that led me to this site. Now, i will add her excellent music to my collection!
She has a God-given talent that does not quit!

the way it is | Reviewer: olivia | 8/5/08

i lack words of expression at the moment, Enya's an embodiment of incrediblity as human.
her voice is outta this world, so as the lyrics, she has an exraordinary nature, her song lifts my spirit more than anything.....
infact, that's just the way i can express myself for now. even though it ought to be more than......

a world without Enya | Reviewer: ade | 8/4/08

well i wouldn't say that i've been listening to yours songs for about 20 years cos i'm only 17,and i' a Nigerian.although most of your songs dont get 2 our side of the world,but i've listened to alot of songs,but there s niothig like enya.although i dont understand some of the words,but its about the voice the rytheme,the flow,its like a voice telling me you can do it,its in you. its makes me feel like i on top of the world,like everybody else is frozen,and i can do anything everything. i've been looking at the reviews for some time now,alot of people say they like your voice,and stuff like that,but its more than just the voice i like, its the uniqeness in your rytheme,the mixture of instruments,that reach out to that hidden faith in anyone,that gives me the drive and inspiration i need. you knw down here in nigeria,some people actually think your songs are satanic,but i bet if this is wat i get to listen to throughout eternity in hell,then i dont mind hopping in,athough i'm a 100 percent sure that u are an angel 4rm God. as much as i would love to say that i would like you to be at my wedding,i know its only a wish,but if by any time you drop in nigeria please i would love to be there, because its really your kind of songs nigerians,africans need to inspire us. THANK YOU and we love u

enigmatic singer | Reviewer: Anamoah | 8/1/08

i dearly love her voice and lyrics. they really inspires me with lots of sensation, most especially when i am sad and depressed. i am aroused to know where she gets her lyrics from. she is so great a musician.
God bless you Enya, keep it on.

My Model | Reviewer: kelvin Kelly | 6/24/08

Words won't just xpress the real feelings here.
But Enya, I only wish I could meet you for real.
I remember telling my friends that when I'm getting married Enya must be present. Right Flora's secret is my phone's ring tone. I love and respect you and you are what I call a WOMAN.
You've got concept and ideas like you are from out of the ordinary. I'm sure God wasted years in creating you. I know I'll meet you before I leave this world. Still be my best. Thanks

pleased | Reviewer: emmanuel | 5/8/08

im just in luv with yo songs coz they tatch my soul giving me a ralaxed piece of mind especially when stressed,bored or tired!the nice voice,beautiful insruments,oh my just cant describe yo beautiful music by expression of words ,greatsongs.

May it be | Reviewer: Godwin | 3/31/08

If truely their are angels amongs us Enya is one them, My first time of listen to her song was through a TV commercial and i was lost with the rhythms of her song, the most fascinitating thing about her song is the smooth flow of sounds and different intruments. Her song is so matured and it's appeals to the heart of any matured person. i listen to her song anytime i'm weak and immidiately i feel revitalized and ready to face challenges again. God has really blessed her with good voice and a bueaty to go with it and happy that she is using her voice in glorifing God and his creation. It will be a dream come for me if am able to meet with her one on one, i don't really have any favourite because i enjoy all her songs. God bless you