Only If | Reviewer: mary | 6/18/11

i love enya songs are like... sage advice for life, his cancioens have helped me see life differently, including some songs this is a song Only If, ENYA ARE THE NUMBER ONE! thanks for your voice, your songs, your music, EVERYTHING! Each I feel like uncontrolled for any situation I get to listen to their songs and me rekindle the spirit.

My lost Son | Reviewer: Debra Parker | 6/6/11

Enya, I lost my son Manuel John Ferraiz in 2003 from a car accident. There is a story to tell, but in his CD player was one of your tapes. I still listen to it. Also I've came close to the Tornado that hit Joplin Mo. I listen to your music because of my desead son. I feel comfort in your music,and would like you to visit Joplin Mo

The song that saved me from my ego | Reviewer: Jasper | 4/15/10

For several months I have been battling my ego over control of my life. Sometimes I would win, sometimes I would loose.

The past few days I really had enough and I want total control of my life back.

This morning, for reasons I can't explain, this song kept playing in my head. Only when I stopped and payed attention to the lyrics did I realized that I can really get rid of my ego..."only if I want to".

French | Reviewer: Mani | 11/20/09

The French is correct, I can vouch for that as it's my first language et donc je dis que c'est bien écrit:) It says:

"Je voudrais voler, comme un oiseau d'ailleurs, d'ailleurs..."

"I wish to fly, like a bird, from elsewhere, elsewhere..."

As for saying Irish people wouldn't speak French because they are in Ireland...It's truly a predjudice, to think of Irish people as savages without culture. In whichever country we live in now, we've evolved, and so have the countries in which we don't reside.

Energizing !!! | Reviewer: deddy | 2/5/09

I love this song very much..

It's lyrics is enriching my spirit.
The lyrics told me to always keep moving, keep trying, keep my spirit high..
It told me that no matter of how big my problems were, I should always keep trying to face and solve them..
Because, there's always a way out... If only I really want to...

The rhythm is also very energizing...
Double Thumbs up for this song !!!

And you know what???
For several weeks I have lots of work to do at the office. Lots of problems indeed...
And the song has charged me full of battery every day for these weeks !!!

Anyway, is there anyone knows what the french sentence means??

Not Irish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

As an Irish speaker, I can assure you, those are not Irish lyrics. Enya sings a lot in French, Latin, Welsh, Quenya, Sindarin, Spanish and Japanese. The above is French. As for Enya not knowing French because she is Irish living in Ireland... I wouldn't know but ya know, we are taught languages in our schools too. Spanish, French and German....

Not French | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

The words are not french they are gaelic. The Irish languge as Enya is Irish. She probobly wouldn't know how to speak French as most Irish people don't If they live in Ireland.

ugh | Reviewer: Kimberly | 2/13/07

The french lyrics are wrong, It's je voudrais voler, comme un oiseau d'ailer...

~i~luv~skittles~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/07

i love this the beginning, the song sounds similar to the music of "only time"