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Performed by Enya

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Maddie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

This beautiful song makes me cry, cause it makes me think Madeleine McCann and all the other missing children out there!! If only we could stop this from happening!!! Protect the children forever!!! But how? One person can't do it by themselves!! If you agree email me at ( I chose this name when i was like 7 and I haven't changed it yet!!!)

Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/09

I have just discovered this song and it seems to fit perfectly with me. I have recently had to let go of the love of my life as for the last 2 years we have lived in different countries and he has found someone else and moved on. This song sums up how helpless I feel to stop it....,,,,

In memory of | Reviewer: Nancy Burton | 2/1/09

Frank Burton died Dec. 8, 2008. Our daughter made a video tribute and used this song. I had never heard it though I love Enya's singing. Now I listen to it and cry each time, though I know in time I will not cry but just think of good memories we had together. I am a Christian so I know I will see him again in a beautiful place and we will not cry anymore.

missing you... | Reviewer: donallover | 1/10/09

I just finished watching a movie, The Other Boleyn Girl. (2nd time for me.) I'm an English history "nut". Can't get enough of it. After the movie ended and the music came on I thought about how these people were lost in a whirlwind they had little control over. And, really, nobody cares today. Why would they? But, for them, life was very real, just like us.
As I sat quietly in my office alone I looked at all my stuff: books, photos, computers, cds, etc. Stuff that really nobody cares about but me.
Then in silence I thought about what my office where I spend most of my time working will be like when I'm gone and its silent here. (I'm 56 now!) As I projected my thoughts into the future I thought about when my kids and wife would come down to my office and look around at my "stuff" and sit here in silence whether they would they miss me. I think I fear not being remembered more than anything else. Like Tim McGraw sings, "Please remember me!" I know how he feels.
I thought about all the things I will wish I had said, had done and all the people I could have loved more and better.
I thought of this song and feeling a bit melancholy I thought about when I'm gone from this earth. I'm sure no one in my family is familiar with it. Perhaps I'll leave it on a cd in my safe deposit box so when my family clears it out they'll find it and know how much I loved them and, wherever else I am, they will forever be in my heart.

lost love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/08

I lost a very special cat in the family. We have 5 now and we love them so much. It hurt so bad to lose one and this song helped me a lot after she. Died. I still listen to itand it makes me think of her free spirit. I miss her so much. The lyrics in this song are exactly how I feel

it's all about hope | Reviewer: tony | 9/11/08

this song also touches me, i havent noticed before this very moment it showed off from my iPod.

it made me remember instantly in my mom who passed away and now i miss her to the point of madness and just yesterday night the love of my life announced me he is going to go apart from my side.

songs may mean anything you need to sing, in both, the happiest or the saddest moments.

Not only dead | Reviewer: Anne | 1/10/08

Lovely song. I`m wondering if this song is only about missing or dead persons. Couldn`t it refer to a partner or lover or a very passionate relationship that came to an end? The other part broke up? And maybe they didn`t even break up? They are far from each other because of something they cannot control.

Well, either way, I love the song.

lost | Reviewer: Witch Ayeka | 12/7/07

this song remind me how i never knew my father and my brother after i listen to this song so many time it make me want to go out there and find my father and my brother and i want to tell them how much i want to see them and get to know them better and how i want to bring them home to family again

So niceee | Reviewer: shahla | 9/23/07

i can listen to this song 1000 times and still it is quite inspiring.So peaceful , so toching and wonderful
Thanks the singer

away. but loved | Reviewer: jen.s | 8/15/07

i listened to this song after my mom played it. She told me this was the song that was going to be played her fathers funeral. Now that i read this lyrics, i l realise this song touches her and now touches me. I miss him so much. For some reasont listening to the words of this song, makes me feel relief.

long long journey | Reviewer: silvia | 5/6/07

city lights shine on the harbour,
night has fallen down,
through the darkness
and the shadow
i will still go on

Missing Persons Theme | Reviewer: John Johnson | 4/20/07

This song is so touching and though I don't what inspired Roma Ryan to write it, it seems the perfect song and sentiment for the family members of missing persons. I think of Natalee Holloway, Amy Lynn Bradley, Elizabeth Galeana, and many more including children. I hope the comfort of these words and this song find their way into the hearts of those who have lost a loved one to tragedy. Most especially the recent victims of Virginia Tech.

Loved one gone | Reviewer: Lynette Ball | 4/20/07

My sister lost her husband to cancer at age 50. She found this song and plays it every night, through earphones until she falls to sleep. She recently had me listen to it, and I broke down knowing what she is going through and how deeply this song can go into the heart of a spouse, parent or anyone that has lost a living thing that was very dear to them.

This song will never be forgotten by me, and I have passed it along numerous times since my introduction to it.

Thank you for giving of yourself in your songs.
Lynette Ball

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