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Performed by Enya

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sellout biatch | Reviewer: pi553d0xff | 7/1/08

it WAS great until she sold her soul to hollywood and wrote STUPID sh1tty English lyrics. and it's as if the original version has been wiped from the face of the earth. fvcking commercial bvllsh1t.

Rhythm Genius | Reviewer: Julie | 12/9/07

Well, I don't know how she pulled this out of her hat, but this song does not have a time signature. It keeps changing. Some measures are 4 beats, some are 5, some are 6 and some are 7. Even after 10 years of hearing this song, it continues to intrigue me. And it's very danceable.

Very soothing, takes you to a far away land of hopes and dreams | Reviewer: MJ | 11/21/07

Book of Days is my new favorite song. Far and Away is my new favorite romance movie thanks to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. They're both stunning in it. Even though it's a chick flick I still think it's well done with the beautiful scenes of Ireland and the hopes of living the "American dream". Enya's song definitely completes the movie. I now listen to this song envisioning beautiful scenes from the movie, it's very soothing.

Perfection | Reviewer: Gerard N | 10/31/07

I know its just my opinion, but "Book of Days" is the best song ever written and composed by anyone anywhere. I knew that from the very first time I heard it. I love most of Enya's songs, but this is by far my favorite. She has been my favorite artist since I first heard "Orinoco Flow"!

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/07

This song makes me think about the beautiful possibility that my family and I will be together again someday. China Roses does the same thing for me.... stunning.

One Great Movie Song! | Reviewer: Ralph Barnes | 10/17/07

When I first heard Enya's 'Book Of Days' I thought, this is fantastic, and now I've seen the film 'Far And Away' which features the song, it's now my favourite film. John William's soundtrack is superb and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's are outstanding. Enya's song in the closing titles is the cherry on the cake! 'Book Of Days' is one of the greatest movie songs of all time in my view!

Enyaaaaaaaa | Reviewer: sirene_oceane | 8/24/07

It's so beautiful, i have to say that this song is the greatest i never heard along my life!!!Congrulation Enya!!!

Book Of Days | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

Spirituality at it's finest. Book of Days is forward, moving and a musical form of one's own personal religion. Pure and perfect.

wow.. | Reviewer: NoPrObLeMz | 6/30/07

this song is the greatest thing i ever has been said b4 but i would like 2 say it one more time..this "song" if it can b called that i think its 2 beautiful 2 b called jus a song has so much energy i listen 2 it b4 i play soccer or any sport and sumtime while i play and it keeps my going for hours..enya is the most beautiful singer in the world..i would recommend her 2 anyone!

About the song Book of Days performed by Enya | Reviewer: Lena | 6/30/07

I'm 16 and I love Enya. I listen to this song when I run and it just gives me so much energy. Her voice is incredible and so soothing. Love it :) <3

Excellent.. | Reviewer: Tim G | 6/15/07

Brilliant tune, if somebody called me names for liking this I'd laugh at them!
Energy is the word, beautiful, sublime, uplifting and inspiring. Gives me goose pimples and I could listen to on repeat for hours.

the best! | Reviewer: mike | 5/27/07

i have just heard enyas book of days for the first time and must have listened to it 10 times already, i love the song! i know it doesnt fit in with the typical music likes of someone my age but, i am a individual. i have just downloaded it and will happily listen every day on my way to work! fantastic!

Book of days | Reviewer: Fred | 5/27/07

i really like this song. when i hear your songs. i feel like i was brought in sky,i dont know how to descrbe what i feel. Thats wonderfull. you are a wonder for the World.

Sheer beauty | Reviewer: Tari | 5/16/07

I'm also 17, and Enya is my favorite vocalist of all time. I don't care what anybody else says; I have never heard any other music that can be so soothing and so energizing at the same time. This song was my favorite for the longest time-- now it's Storms in Africa.

i love this song | Reviewer: Jasmine | 5/15/07

whenever i feel upset i like listening to this song>< after listening to this song i always feel calm and that everything will be ok :)

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