"Eminem", you bitch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/14

If your gonna fucking call yourself Eminem, don't make a bad review like a fucking dildo ass. Rox is the one keeping it real. You, are just a freaking asshole with shit brains and no fucking taste in music. You dildo! You're really stupi"t"! HAHAHA! You a third grader or somthing? I'm a 5th going to 6th grader. I'm 11. And you are a bitch.

Eminem is the RAP KING. | Reviewer: Andre | 8/5/13

EMINƎM iS the RAP KING!! FUCK ALL THE HATERS. They can rot in my stove pot. I'll burn'em all. Kiss my ass. Haha. If y'all don't know WTF I'm saying. Then good. I don't even know if this site is still in use..

awesome | Reviewer: strir fry | 4/6/11

Ive got to agree with Rox this song is the best and next time when "eminem" writes a review i suggest that it would be good and you won't be hatted on if you spell check it. all i really want to say is this song is amazing!!!!!!!
If any one tell you that this song is not awesome they are dead wrong
peace out homie g

Rox | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

This song rocks and apparently u da stupiD one who can't even spell Stupid correctly

Eminem, yo da Bomb! | Reviewer: Arvind Ranganath | 6/26/07

It's a totally awsum song, and me LOVS it! ;-)

Eminem, mo' power to ya, ma brotha!


stupit | Reviewer: eminem | 4/19/07

u stupit ass hole its not this must meaN IM IN OBSCENE its this must mean im disgusting