good song | Reviewer: bob | 9/24/06

damn this is a good son i've been listening to this song ever i had it. it's a good song cause this is te real eminem style or shady style as you would say it

Bogdanovix | Reviewer: Bogdanovix | 5/11/06

This song is really nice but i think that if it wasn't for eminem it wouldn't be as good

DUDe | Reviewer: ananamous | 4/29/06

i hope he dont quit either, eminem is the best!!! i love this song even thought im only 12 :D

Trick Trick | Reviewer: ^_^ | 2/26/06

This song is actually Trick Trick feat. Eminem not the other way around. Sometimes people are to obsessed with Em to notice that......

man this shit is deep off in the game | Reviewer: DjMemphisLancer | 1/10/06

this is the hype shit should be makin, he aint got nothin to bitch about anymore, this is the new style of em we should really embrace, you to the person wholeft that last review fuck that shit, the dude been grindin for a long time for us give him his peace and serenity, he be back but not if crazy fucks like ya'll think we own him

eminem the bomb | Reviewer: calum | 12/30/05

the song is cool because he is going back to hip hop i hope he don't retier
i know his family needs him but i what him to carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!