Ape wanna be | Reviewer: apeface | 2/27/13

Eminem is a nigger lover. He wishes he was black everytime he looks down at his tiny dick to piss. My cousin is a groupie ho and she sucked his dick and said it was minuscule---no lie. At least he's got millions to feel better about it I guess.

tylenol island | Reviewer: jae | 6/23/07

love the beat love the words eminems the 2nd best im the 1st my name be 8wow

tylenol island | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

i oluv this song it barely makes sense but the words he uses. his newer songs sucks

Tylenol Island | Reviewer: Anon. | 4/1/06

This is a song during Eminem's earlier days, you can tell how his voice has changed, and his vocal proformance has gotten stronger and better. This particular song is very interesting, the choice of words, the corrispondence, even down to the title, its very unique, and I give it 2 thumbs up! *****