Corrections | Reviewer: Ty | 3/19/13

Should be:

1. "snuggling hugs, struggling thugs, smuggling drugs, juggling jobs, guzzling jugs"
2. "then i buried the hatchet. i carried the fat shit"
3. "smoke a little bit and follow onto you"
4. "experimentally, i found a way to spread terror mentally"
5. "you got the point when i cleverly sent it"
6. "that i'm enchanting, with the romanticly"

errors | Reviewer: Cver | 4/11/10

ok so this ia pretty good handle on the song but id make some fixes that stand out real obvious...
ie.: "Still in my yard when I sculpted the culprit
The tall shit that will end up with his skull split
Then I buried the hatchet"
Correction: im still in my yard when i scoped it the culprit that talks shit will end up with his skull split... then i burried the hatchet i carried a fat chin butterfingers is here and its necisary to scratch it... its an accent thing also if you look at your lyrics the dont make alot of sense in that format... but other than a couple other small ones very nice.... i guess im the dork who knows more eminem lyrics then marshal mathers... and yes otehrs can write that sick ie. dont worry alright im bringin to the mic my verbal herbal delight close the curtain goodnight... you better bring your herb and yer pipe cause we blazin in brazen places tonight.. and if that aint tight give me my razor blades and my knife and we will fix it up right... so insane when i fell from the plane and landed on the grainary on a grainy plain so look out below here i go im bout to fall of the top of this wall and land on top of all'a'ya'll and after swallow and entire bottle of tylonel and wallow in the bottom of bottle of alchohol... the funny thing is i wrote that when i was like 12 or 13... imagine what i could write now at 27... anywhoo.... thanks for the lyrics im makin a parody for ma girl... i wanted to make sure i had it all right thanx again

Review about Tonight | Reviewer: Masta Ace | 8/8/07

in verse 3:
[...]I'm sure the party people can agree
That I'm enchanting, with the romantic!>>LY<<!
Freaking the vocals so frantically[...]

good job thou.. and a great song =) i love it

A fantastic song! | Reviewer: Benn King | 4/16/07

This is an amazing song, and the lyrics are just amazing, how many people can write songs like eminem can!?!!!?!!?!