Eminem, is amazing. | Reviewer: Kelsie | 6/21/10

Eminem is the best rapper, ever.
I will always love him. The way he spills his shit out, like he doesn't have any buisness, is amazingly crazy. <3
When I listen to Eminems songs, I feel.. stronger. Like, I gotta try until I collapse. And If I collapse, I gotta get back up and do it again, until I get it just right.
I have so much confident when I listen to Eminem's music.
When I was 6, 7, or 8, I made my dad listen to his song Mocking Bird, my dad wasn't what you call.. the best dad in the world. When I got him to listen to it, he lightened up a bit.. he didn't stop drinking all together, but he stopped. He stopped a bit. That's all he had to do.
I love Eminem, he is BEYOND amazing.

Eminem- the god f rap!! | Reviewer: Rahul Lohani | 6/5/10

Eminem- ur d best out dere. No mattr wat media say bout u or ur critics yell. .u r d best n will remain d best. U r simply awsum. I luvs ur raps more den ne otr song. U've a special voice n flow wic distinguish u 4rm otr pepls f d buisness.
This song z 1 f ma fav. bcaz f d verbal energy n d magical flow it has. . .It reali pulls u up 4rm d worst down times. I stil remember my exam times wen i used 2 listn 2 it n recharge myself. U r great eminem. Keep spittng dese awsum raps. Don't ever change. .n truly, ur spot z 4ever reservd. NO1 can tak ur place ever. . .

Eminem. | Reviewer: T-eezy | 5/25/10

Eminem is the best rapper, no doubt. There is nothing that could ever change his sting, the way he spits his shit. You listen and you just... you feel his hate, his words put the harsh reality into everything. Nigga be talkin bout their rich life style, how great it is, but Eminem with turn around and talk about the SHIT in life that people want to hear, he relates to us, he relates to the shitty lifestyle, he shows that he too went through shit to get where he is. He hates this world and everyone in it, society has broken this man down and there is nothing to fix him up, until this shit of a world changes. the world may be on him, breaking him down, but he won't give up, not til he collapses.

YEAH! | Reviewer: iiBaoR! | 4/8/10

Have to admit again, this song really gets the adrenaline pumping in you. I guess if you listen to this, you take no **** from no one cos you feel stronger. Eminem is best rapper EVER. Shame he has no recent songs, the charts is filled with lame rnb and rappers who rap jack!

emiem is the best rapper in the world hands down | Reviewer: randy | 3/13/10

how einem puts his rmthes together is just amazing his flow and style are unmatchable and if ny wants to know more about eminem and how he made it in the rap gme i sugest getting his book. its called eminem: the way i am

Genius | Reviewer: Mao | 1/26/10

Eminem deserves all the props he gets...the best thing is he doesn't bend pronunciation of words to rhyme them, like many others e.g. he just writes with a gifted intellect and says them out with an out of world flow. ...
Hats off to this master of lyrics.

g'job | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/10

eminem idk if u read these but u gotta keep writin songs like these. I'm a wrestler and so far this year i'm gettin beat up on pretty bad by my teammates in practice. This song reminds me that i gotta keep pushin myself and that my time will come. Thx eminem, u the bomb.

Wizard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/10

When i'm depressed this song brings me back to life ,, and provides another chance to face the life with all the energy in the world no matter ,how bad people tries to bring me down,, awesome lyrics ,,,, Eminem Pls create an inspirational video for this song,, i love to see that with all the energy in ur face.... Eminem is the Living GOD

what can you say ???????? | Reviewer: adam ali | 1/1/10

Eminem is just a pure genius

" It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie, Andre from Outcast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me.
But in this industry I'm the cause of a lot of envy, so when I'm not put on this list the shit does not offend me."

No MC can do things like that. something magical surrounds him

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

wow i just read yalls comments for this song..... yall have no idea wat yall are talking bout here do u???

he is the changer of hio hop for this era but the ones who really launched it was the sugerhiil gang and sir mix a lot

that was back when rap had meaning back when it wasnt just about drugs sex cars or money.... eminem is one of the because he doesnt do that stuff in every song

AND BY THEWAY 2PAC SUCKED!!! hear the remix wwith 2pac singing in it..... probably the best 2pac song but simply because he had 50 cent and eminem to back him up

I love Eminem MOTHER FUCKER. | Reviewer: Chelsea | 11/29/09

this song is just THE SHIT.
You can't deny that this song makes you pumped and it makes you want to go punch a fawking baby (joking) lololol how do i find humor in that?

I'm pumped now,
I love how eminem is Singing with all his heart like he;s going to go Chuck Norris on you and round house kick yo ass.

ahh.. i just love Eminem

THE RAP GOD | Reviewer: Andy | 11/23/09

Infact the best MC of our time is Eminem. When he's jokin he like all the other good rappers, and when he gets serious he out grinds them n make them look like clowns. God bless u Slim.. U the best Dead.Or.Alive

lol.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

i agree this song is good infact most his songs are good but there is some better shit out there you need to listen to the underground stuff thr r some gr8 aussie hip hop artists to.. one is dialectrix or hilltop hoods is a big one over here

To SHUTUPTRAEJAM | Reviewer: H.E.R. | 11/4/09

you really gonna say Nelly is on top and Jay Z is 2nd? and that Eminem is number one? He might be in sales, but he's fallen off. His new album has like 2 or 3 good songs, but nothing like the shit that he used to spit to H.E.R., If you don't know who H.E.R. is, then never mind this comment and keep listening to whatever your listening to

Eminem | Reviewer: Aya | 6/25/09

I love him.
Eminem ( Marshall Bruce Mathers III ) is something amasing .
I really wanna meet him that's may biggest dream.
Please add me on my e-mail adress zvijezda_aya@hotmial.com
I know everything about him his biografy his songs albums and stuff .
Eminem for life .
Love you .