Real rap | Reviewer: Lane Blake | 2/9/13

Eminem is by far THE best rapper on the face of this planet. Listen to the lyrics, look at the history of his life, and omfg its magic cuz now you can enjoy AND understand his music!

listen very closely to what i have to say. | Reviewer: redecho129 | 5/9/12

listen very closely. eminem is different than he was back in the day. and yeah. i liked his music back then too. but it's changed. HES changed. hes getting older and older and his hate for the world has decreased throughout the years. he's off drugs now so0 of course he'll act very different than he used to. he still is the best of the best and he will stay on top for a very long time.

rhis song is the shit | Reviewer: anthony | 10/3/11

eminem is surelly the best and will till he dies he has proved him self over and over again idk why peeps r a bunch off ass holes but they shoud listen to his lyrics i bet not alot of those fools coud put there feelings into wicked rap verses and this guy does anf to be onest i i wusnt a big rap fan but i listned to em and i jus loved it and go eminem!!!!! hope he raps till he drops!!!!!!!!

love u em | Reviewer: mazzi | 4/30/11

Em did good by his fans with his new album he kicked the habit and is getting back on track, however he shouldn't turn into a carricature of slim or eminem. Lets just pray to god that he stays true to his roots and his hardcore Fans who use his music to escape from shit. Peace em love and respect u more than anyone.

Emin3m 4 life.... deep in my heart.... forever | Reviewer: Akil | 3/14/11

Those are just some of the few titles I could put up, even though I have millions to say. Many artists have put up songs that are catchy and makes us wanna sing along with it. But few, no, very few, are able to put up songs that describes life, the hard side of it and comes up with solution to it, and at the same time, of course, makes them catchy at the same time. Eminem has done just that. Believe me guys, Slim has seen life. Believe and take seriously whatever he says, that is, what he wants us to believe. Eminem, in my opinion, is a gaurdian angel to me, a person who just reached out to me through his songs, that made me open my eyes, look at everything from a different angle and made me never to give up on anything. Eminem for life. And I really mean it. There are four, whom I respect and love; God, Mom, Dad and Eminem.

These lyrics are sick | Reviewer: Mwaluwa | 3/7/11

If this is not the definition of sick then the hospital you people went to was full of amateur doctors. Drugs or no drugs, Eminem still delivers like a woman giving birth to triplets, he is hard!!!!!

Rap? or is it talk? | Reviewer: Jake Smith | 3/7/11

Eminem is one of the best rappers,in my view he is the only good one worht listening too, some of his songs are debatable in my view such as stay awake, just lose it, king hustle and hello are juts a few, thats when he is slim shady,which in my view sucks,his best songs in my view are mocking bird, you don't know Ft 50cent, cashaba etc, gone again,not afraid and toy soldiers. why do people put him down alot man, like he went through hell and back quite a bit,and his new CD Recovery is one of the best i have heard.

people understand him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

Eminem sure is one of the best rappers and people are giving him shit because his new album isn't apparently the same as the old ones. He just got off drug addiction and if you listen to his lyrics in his songs in the album he talks about himself on drugs while making them and his last two albums are in his trash. In recovery he's off drugs and trying to help other people who feel like they are in a dark place with his music, if you buy recovery it will say so in it to. So all you giving shit to him keep the opinions to yourself and I bet if he makes a new album it will be less depressing and more like his old albums

Behave | Reviewer: Jack | 2/28/11

Em is still cold, 'We made you' and 'Not afraid' his only newer songs to be any good? Nah, if people actually listened to Relapse you'd realise it is one coollld album. Tracks such as '3AM, 'Stay wide awake' and 'Underground' not to forget 'My darling'. Fair enough Recovery wasn't all that but there are a few goodens that show Em at his best, lyrically he's just as creative. He's just grown up, guys knockin 40. Obviously his older stuff is unbeatable, doesn't mean his new stuff is rubbish though. 'The sauce' probably one of his best, his send out for Benzino was ill. Marshall Mathers > God.

Eminem is up there with other legendary figures in Hip Hop | Reviewer: Richmond | 2/25/11

I feel that Eminem is one of the greatest rappers, His new album is nothing compared to his earlier albums. When he first started off he had his own style in his music that no other rapper brought with them and that’s what makes him a great artist. His verse was very inspirational and he put his mind and thoughts into his verses and you can really feel what he is talking about. The Eminem from the late 90's and early 2000's seems to be gone and replaced with a new rapper that follows the same path that all rappers now seem to follow. Eminem should not follow fame but he should rap the way he used to when he put his heart and thoughts into his music. I guess the fame of Hollywood has taken a toll of him. Just listen to Eminem's song "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" read his lyrics closely and you will understand why he raps the way he does now. "In that song he states that if he could go back he never would have rapped, and he sold his soul to the devil and he can never get it back"(actual verse) He also stated that "all he wanted was to give his daughter the life he never had". I’m only fourteen and I’m surprised some people with more intelligence then I have could have did not grasp something like this earlier.

Stick to the past, Eminem... | Reviewer: WFB | 2/23/11

I think that people have forgotton the real and better eminem. His older albums suchas 'The Eminem Show' and 'The Marshall Mathers lp' are eminem at his best. He raps about whats true to him and didn't follow the popstar theme of just 'love'. He took a contreversial route and for that i respect him. However, in his lastest album 'Recovery', he has become something he fought before. My favourites of Marshalls songs consist of songs suchas 'Stan' ; 'Without Me' ; 'White America' ; ''Till I Collapse' and my absolute favourite 'Lose Yourself'. His only new song I like is 'We Made You' and 'Not Afraid'. Stick to the past and Marshall is a great rapper who stands true for his beliefs.

eminem is always the best | Reviewer: golnaz | 1/10/11

you people are wrong how can he rap just lik his past when his emotions his thought and feelings are alot diffrent from that time i say he is the best cause he sings about thing that he realy feels in that certain time he raps about his owne feelings and it doesnt matter if u like his emotion or not.

Eminem, please... | Reviewer: Guest | 12/8/10

Marshall was the best MC because his songs had meaning and his flow came straight from the soul. Now he's an over-produced and glamorized popstar.
The day he loses his roots is the day his songs will no longer have any meaning.

His old songs like Till I Collapse and Mockingbird meant something. Now his songs are filled with gratuitous swearing and popstar choruses from rubbish singers like Rihanna.

I'd never wish addiction upon anyone, but Eminem was at his prime in his first few albums when he was under the influence. He needs to go back to that place emotionally, and find his inner rapper ruining self.

Eminem2 | Reviewer: LolT-eezy | 7/29/10

Yeah he sure relates to the shitty lifestyle now days, I bet its pretty shitty driving top of the line cars and having a mansion. He needs to start rapping how he used to, not this shit like the song We Made You... that song really changed my outlook on him from good to 50 cent.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09 | Reviewer: AaronnJamess | 7/16/10

You Have No idea what your talking about , how could you say that the only reason why 2 pac's remix was good was because he had eminems back up . 2 pac is one of the best rappers out there , but i do favour eminem these days he's just gotta make more songs like he used to because the way he raps now isnt as good as his old raps with more swearing and more meaning.