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------ performed by Eminem

motivation | Reviewer: Aayahna | 9/17/07

this song gave me motivation...I hope Em understand how much his stuff helps me when im down sometimes (Stan): I can relate to what youre saying in your songs
So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and put em on

This song won't ever collapse | Reviewer: Stylez | 9/11/07

Man, this song is great. There's so much energy in it, and that's why I think it's one of his better songs. It just keeps me motivated you know, it helps me get up when I feel down. If you can do all this with just one song, you're a hell of a rapper.

Its Fucking Damn Good | Reviewer: 2ndShady | 9/7/07

This song is really good and Eminem is being heard all the way in Asian and in a small country like Malaysia

Hey Yo! dats a cool song | Reviewer: Kailash | 9/2/07

This songs lifts me up when I feel kinda low, its got so much energy mixed up with excellent lyrics.
Em baba ki jai!

About the song Till I Collapse performed by Eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/07

well, I'm not really a fan of Eminem or hip-hop but this song is just awesome !! Great lyrics, great music. This is the unique thing about eminem: you don't have to be a fan of hip-hop to listen to his music, it grabs everyone ;)

The best... | Reviewer: Duff-Man | 8/11/07

This is the BEST motivational song I've ever heard. It has the most impressive & spectacular lyrics ever... ESPECIALLY the last verse!


Yo Yo Yo | Reviewer: .,l,.(-_-).,l,. | 7/24/07


Feeling Weak | Reviewer: Willie W | 7/19/07

Im goin through the worse time in my life right now. Sometimes I jus wanna throw my hands up and say fuck it and giv up, but I gotta stay strong. I listen to more 36 mafia and hypnotize minds music, am not much of an eminem fan. But since Im goin through this struggle now, this chourus runs through my head, cause thats the way im really feelin. Im gonna keep pressin on and get through this shit. "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger".

Hey yo say hello to Armenia!! | Reviewer: Berserker | 6/29/07

I like this song very much!!!!!
And by the way Eminem is being listened in Armenia too!!!

awsome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07

this song is pretty damn motivational, and like any other eminem song its fuckin sick

nuts | Reviewer: chad | 6/23/07

this song is straight up nuts, like its the most
motivational song ive ever listened to haha, and
dude bone makes more sense then bong. T'll your
bone collapse? which would mean you collapse,jeeze.

#1 eminem fan | Reviewer: ben brady | 6/22/07

this is the best song eminems ever sang, i luv this song,the chorus reminds me of football for some reason

Till i collapse | Reviewer: Elysha | 6/22/07

I LOve this song !!!! Its An awesome song !! I LOve you eminem!!!!

till i collapse lyrics collections | Reviewer: | 6/12/07

shouldnt it be bong instead of bone? bone doesnt make sense

correction | Reviewer: NothingIsBiggerThanHipHop | 6/2/07

"Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
Till my legs give out, cant shut my mouth.
Till the smoke clears out and my high burns out
Ima rip this shit till my bone collapse."

It's 100% correct!!!

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