Who produced this song? | Reviewer: Ansy | 4/10/07

I went onto wikipedia nd looked at this song and its album, and it syas that 2pac and biggie produced this album, i really cant understand how this is true!!!!! what do u think?

great diss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/06

this is one of the best unreleased eminem songs i have ever heard and he kills benzino in this. i like the fact that em isnt afraid to say dave mays' name n i like the line where he says u gota sit up till 3 in the mornin to watch ur video played on bet, thats strong. another good song where em disses is bully. he kills dave mays' in it. its real good

Different class | Reviewer: Rich | 4/28/05

Eminems' well publicised 'beef' with the source magazine, and in particular, Ray Benzino, has spawned a number of 'diss' tracks from both artists. This track is probably one of the best unreleased Eminem works I have ever heard. It has a constant flowing style, giving the impression of complete domination, no room for a chorus, this track is strictly business, no messing around with any catchy sections, just pure, unalduterated attack. As the tension, pace and anger build up throughout you get the feelng that this is the track to end all beef, Benzino can only drule and wish he could create a track with half the pulse, impact and sheer lyrical class as this. Eminem has an incredible talent for writing unique raps with an unrivalled flow and fluent feel, 'the sauce' is by no means an exeption, this 'diss' track is better than anything most other rappers could dream of, musically, technically and generally excellent.