Reviews for The Real Slim Shady Lyrics

Performed by Eminem

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tihi :) | Reviewer: the slim shady | 3/23/2008

i loooove this song, i always laugh when i here this song, it's so fucking funny, whole unbelievable!!!! love you eminem, keep' on rocking :D your the best rapper ever!!! listen to this song and just laugh!!!!!!!

whitebooiii | Reviewer: whiteboii | 2/15/2007

Eminem is the best i love all hims song

i know alot of eminem's songs

hes greaat

fucking rules | Reviewer: chloe | 5/18/2006

this is like da coolest song ever but i do like fack by eminem as well eminem turns me on hes sooooooooooo fit,fuckin great!!

awesome | Reviewer: kazu Ogaki | 12/18/2005

i love this song so much. First what i like about this song is its lyric, from which i feel so excited all the time. it turns me on (haha

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