New Rapp School | Reviewer: PAKADITHA | 6/9/12

Nice track above, true nd real artistic. Nowadays thats de way things r in de rapp game. . . . I WAS SUPRISED WHEN DE NEW REVOLUTION OF RAPP CAME ABOUT MONEY ,CARS, GIRLS WONDERIN FOR REAL BUT law of attraction says if u talk about such u'll attract such thus who doesn't wanna live such a life!

I've gotta give him credit | Reviewer: Maria | 10/18/11

I hate rap. Can't stand the stuff. but this song's lyrics have a lot of truth in them. People don't care if the lyrics are good as long as the tune is catchy. It irritates me when people say "oh this is the best song ever!" because most of the time the song consists of a catchy beat and crap lyrics about money, sex, cars, booze, and women. The stuff that's popular with most oft generation in america sucks. Shape up and learn what real music is (sum 41's chuck album, three days grace, underoath, paramore, Flyleaf, etc.) good luck!