Eminem | Reviewer: Shady's Lady | 11/10/12

I love Eminem with all my heart. He is the only music I listen to. The first song I heard was Crack a bottle. And even though I don't think it's that great compared to other songs, it's special. This song is just so good. It's true. I know a lot of people take his lyrics literally. But as he said, only an idiot would be unable to tell that he is joking in some of his songs. He's always trying t give a message, but he's also trying to entertain his listeners. When I listen to him sometimes, I just can't understand why people would hate him. Dislike, maybe. But hate. You can't judge with one song.

fly | Reviewer: kargam | 5/22/12

hey eminem..... big brother...u r xo watevr... bt my god.... i cn relate ur sngs n my life... its like, u knw wat i m going thru! wana hug u ... m nt gay... bt i wana.... just as a brothr

backmasking | Reviewer: SlimShady | 9/29/11

one of the best lyrics in the world. i dont know if you have realised or not but near the end of the song there is a backmasked message. It says; "I'm not here to save you / I'm only here for the ride / So let me entertain you / And everything will be fine." Slim Shady For life.

Completely inspirational | Reviewer: Beth | 7/3/11

Eminem is one of the best rappers out there.He has amazing lyrics as shown above! The first song I heard by him was not afraid. And since that day I been in love with his music.whenever I'm feelin down or pissed off I plug my earbuds in and crank up the volume to his music. It helps me understand that I have alot , probably more than he did when he was my age it tells me that I need to suck it up and deal with it. Cause look how successful Marshal became.it shows you also no matter what situation your in you can get through it and become something great

stimulate | Reviewer: context | 10/18/10

heavy weight is my fav white boy em' i think this boy has gat the black soul o niggarised o sum sh**t sumtym i whn i i listen to his tracks i even 4get tht his white. my msg to him i say eM' rap till u go black

comment before... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

i love all the songs you mentioned but you can't say to listen to role model, stan, renegade, never enough etc. anddd say big weenie, ass like that, and just lose it...

pretty much any of his diss music about benzino, limp bizkit, everlast, etc is amazing like the sauce, girls, nail in the coffin

this song is great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

If u love his lyrics then i have some songs that u guys should listen to if u not already have, Big Weenie, crazy in love, whithe america, Kill you, guilty concience, stan, till I collapse, the way I am, 8 mile, criminal, my name is, im back, ass like that, Bitch two please, business, cleaning out my closet, when im gone, go to sleep, evil deeds, marshall mathers, just loose it, loose yourself, mockingbird, mushroom, whitout me, never enough, outro, renegade, real slim shady, role model,

um | Reviewer: complexity | 10/4/09

Eminem has collapsed from the pressure. He was a huge drug addict. He should inspire you lyrically maybe, as an artist, if you don't take him literally. As a person, he has probably more issues than most of us.

BTW | Reviewer: i aint givin my nam3 | 9/15/09

just so u all know this song was out ag3s ago, long b4 2007, but y3a it is still l3g3ndary and ill b list3nin 2 it for a whil3 y3t... it s3ems 3v3ry tim3 i go thru a rough patch in lif3, marshal always s3ems to hav3 a nu album out, and thats wat g3ts m3 thru. h3 allows p3opl3 to laugh at th3 hard stuff, and think about th3 probl3ms in lif3. and giv3s us th3 ability to hav3 good com3backs w3n a fat blond3 tri3s to g3t at us (:
hop3 h3s around 4 my kids too

best song ever | Reviewer: redboy | 9/23/08

eminem has inspired me all the times i got probl;ems in my life i think wat hes gone threw and i man it up cuz he never clapsed and look how much s**t hes been threw so hes really inspired me i just home he comes bak to music

<3 | Reviewer: Eminem for the fuckin win | 4/16/08

eminem inspires me, hes been through hell and keeps himself strong, hes strong as fuck mental, I bet lots of peeps wouldve just collapsed or somethin if they were in his position.

this song is just fuckin awesome, i love it, ive listened to eminem for years, but didnt find this song before now ;s but this is my favorite song for now untill i find somethin ive never heard before of him or when he comes out with a new record

keep up the fuckin good work em!nem, i <3 u

em always speaking the truth | Reviewer: ~shortys_s~ | 3/12/08

amaaazzzing ur racist...u need 2 chill with that black and white shit,Em is the best no doubt hiz lyrics are deep even Pacz lyrics were deep nd Pac is black nd he talked bout social issues and struggles,so it aint about the race its just what each individual can come out with and create its not a black,white or any otha race thing,gotta view it like that and listen to what u can relate to not blame it on race!Eminem got skillz he goin through shit now but hope he recovers soon and gets back to doing what he is best at..

stupid muahfuckas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/08

the dude who posted that long shit about not knowing whether he's right about his analysis of eminem's lyrics and thinking is STUPID. you have no idea about philosophy or deeper thiking and you def don't understand where eminem is coming from in his lyrics, nor does anyone. so yea, this song is one of the best, but stop tryna analyze you stupid internet fucks.

amazing | Reviewer: Son of the Clem | 2/28/08

this man will forever be the most inspirational rapper to me. If u dont like eminem in any way or cant relate to most of his songs then u have no heart and should jump off a bridge into a bunch of spikes mortal combat style bitch!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Katie | 10/17/07

This song is amazing and he's the perfect person
to be singing it.
He has the perfect voice.
Happy Birthday Em.