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Performed by Eminem

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Purity ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

"Lose yourself" and "When I'm gone" are the ultimate songs, I mean, THE perfect mix between Science, creativity and Genius, Marshall Bruce Mathers III is the best rapper that has ever existed on Earth !!!

slim shady | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/09

Yo man I think im a lil latee in writing dis but man iloveyou bro...I consider yu da best rapper ever...wen I have hard times I listen to yur music nd it helps me thnx meh..ilove square dance nd every other song yuv made... keep up da good work shady..pce

Eminem Gold :) | Reviewer: eminem's fan | 6/22/08

Eminem Is My Favorite Signer..
I Love You So Muchh !!
You Are Fucking Beautiful
I'm A Big Fann for Hip-Hop Musicc !!
And I Love any Song That You Signing :)
Eminem Gold :P
So Please Eminem.. SINF FOR THE MOMENT :D

Square Dance | Reviewer: Robby | 1/28/08

Wicked sick beat and lyrics man. Eminem is an awesome freaking rapper man. While everyone else is talking about money and girls and shit, hes actually saying something

Pass the KY | Reviewer: DC | 1/28/08

This song has meaning to everyone who listens to it, but more for some. I used to listen to this song during break at my high school and block everyone out. It was my way to ignore everything, and honestly got me through some of my worst days. Eminem is fucking brilliant and I wish everyone would respect his as much as he's getting respect on pages like this.

love this song | Reviewer: audrey | 11/4/07

i love this song. it just sucks that i have the edited version, but i'mma get the dirty version soon. =] i love this song so much i listen to it like all the time.

love it, love every1 0ne!! | Reviewer: kayz | 8/11/07

if it my boyfriend didnt play thing song i wud never ave known it, nd since the first tym jamie (my boyfriend) played it, i cant stop listin to it, jst lyk every song he has made! i love eminem, but love my boyfriend jamie s mre thankz 4 lettin me know this song jamie love u babe xx!
love from kayleigh aka kayz xxxx
Eminem Rockz!!

sick song | Reviewer: roger | 8/8/07

just like to add that eminem is my hero and i love every song and this song i would deffinatly say my top 3;)..wut a song

comments. | Reviewer: fozzy | 7/20/07

good song. not his best by far. i love you more and solider, songs like that listen to the lyrics, they mean something.

what! | Reviewer: fang | 6/26/07

yeah, ass like dat is his best song, gimme a fuking break...

nway, i think this guy jus rocks, all his "serious" songs, could easily be a "best song", if we remove the jokey songs like "ass lyk dat" and "jus lose it". stuff lyk "white america", "1st single", "sing for the moment", "stan" and "lose yoself" are jus pure genious. this guy is something noone else will eva fuking have, nomatter how hard they try...

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