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Performed by Eminem

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fantastic lylics | Reviewer: HENRY-TOKEX | 12/17/12

Em, obie,50 and stat has been one of the best in the music industry,even before they sang these song.
Em is ma mentor in the music industry ever since I he came into music,though 2pac was ma first idol,buh,since he died,Em took his place due to his well proposed songs.
These song Spend Some Time,gave me a lot of strenght and Energy to carry on when ever I comes across any bitch that aint acting right.
Bring more of these em.

BOMB | Reviewer: Clint | 6/1/12

This song gave me chills when I first heard it, now like 6 years later when I heard it again, damn near floored me. Sooo many memories come twistin back on me! WOW......... powerfull song! Much love and Respect to Em on this one! Instant classic!

Tupac Lyric | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

All i ever wanted from you was a few booty calls, if you recall i used to treat you like a groupie broad - Eminem !
We used to do them as often as adolescents do booty calls , if you recall etc etc etc - Tupac Shakur 1996

awesome shit | Reviewer: Carla | 8/24/09

I still like this song from forever ago when I first heard it,makes you realize in a chicks point of view falling in love especially with douchebags!When you put your everything into a relationship & then the fuckers cheat on you.But it makes you realize there is that someone waiting who wont fuck you over in the end.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Shane Shaw | 8/13/09

Eminem has been my favorite white rapper ever since I was 12years old.My all time favorites have been Stan, The Way I Am, Mockingbird, Toy Soldier's.However ever since the day I heard Spend Some Time,this song really inspired me coz I was in a situation where a girl whom I had lived with for quite some time left me for some other guy. We were so much in love as we were living together, however she suddenly changed and one day she just left me which really struck me hard. I couldn't get her out of life, however when I heard this song fore the first time, it really inspired me that I should let it all go and carry on with life. As Eminem sang the sentence "Bitches They Go and Talk, Nigga'a They Go and Hate". So screw the bitch now coz I have a life now and it was all because of this song. Thanks a lot Marshall Matther's. KEEP ON HUSTLING WHITE BOY

mountain of destiny | Reviewer: deep fraustyn x4 | 7/16/09

this song is nice eminem is a genius!! and btw if you see my alaskian asian babies, tell them dad wants to meet them where slinkys moms cum-covered burrito lies next to jim carey effing madonna sideways while doing the moonwalk on jupiter on the tostito mountain of destiny

Song | Reviewer: Ali | 5/31/09

Ever since i heard this song it was my favourite and it still is like 5 years later, i only really like eminems bit tho. I do love 50 cent too but his rap in this song could have been soo much better but anyway love.

50's a bitch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/08

50's a little bitch... Nobody cares about him.. He trys to diss on people and bitches... But hell he couldnt diss on anyone if he tries... I'll say when he was with The Game he was the shit... But hes a little bitch.. The re-up was sick because of Eminem...

NaSiR JoEns | Reviewer: NaSIr JoEnS | 10/30/08

This is the GOAT of all time diss track to chiks...i like to listin to this song when i am is one of the greates to ever touch the mic...also is 50....soo yea love this dammm song hardcore

one of tha best tunez | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

this is by far one of tha best songz I hurrd.. im a fan of Em and Obie, not so much on 50 n stat but they done quite good.. n 50 somehow managed to come out pretty good on it also.. Obie.. hahaha that guy'z murkin it all the time he one of my favourites.. Em - no wordz to explain: biggg timee

LOVE IT... | Reviewer: Destiney | 9/27/07

This is the GREATEST song ever... I love how they have D12,eminem,50,and obie singing this ...

Eminem | Reviewer: Senid | 5/29/07

Obie Trice 4 out of 10, Eminem 10 out of 10, 50 Cent 2 out of 10

eminem the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/07

i luv eminem....hez songz are the best...tiis song is cool..luv it

Great song | Reviewer: Kev | 11/19/04

This is a great song! A nice slow song from Eminem but with a diffrence! I rate this song 9 out of 10! Great song listen to it now!

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