LOVE IS EVOL | Reviewer: rex | 8/12/13

this song is fucking true . "love is "evol"' is true too . you know ??? people saying it'll take time , they just dnt understand that people like us are in pain . cuz we been hurt by so many people in relationships . making us stop trying to find love . love is dead . and this song is speaking the true about love . "love is evol" (it'll stab you in the heart leaving an hole , making you wanna put an icebox leaving it to freeze and stop beating)

space bound | Reviewer: de breez | 4/25/13

there is no day i go without listen to this poetic.....just out of this world.....but i want to ask eminem this......why did you love her so much that you made me hate her?die for her?and no hope if she will look up the sky...she dissapointed me...i wish it proud of you....i love it......pls eminem can yu do any track like this again.....she is a socerous......2348185628711

SB | Reviewer: Schumeit | 7/13/11

This track again proves why Eminem's great. Powerful throwing, rhythmic backing and convincing beats make this rap a fabulous feat. The painful profound expressions from the core of the heart of Eminem act like a spell! Hats off Eminem!

READ!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/11

this song is amazing and for all the people who don't like eminem, take 5 mins to listen to this song and you will that is true and not jus for him, but for everybody and don't think he just raps it, he also means every word he raps.

some kind of supernova | Reviewer: jory | 12/2/10

this song makes me feel amazingly strange, but i couldnt love it more. the words are like little razor blades running up & down your wrists, it sounds sick but its true. its a sense of release, like taking a breath & letting everything dissapear, let all of the negative thoughts & sadness fade all away. this song sorta sums up the fucked up relationship i'm still trapped in. sounds corny but this song just makes my heart flutter i guess ha the words "Why do we say that until we get that person that we thinks, Gonna be that one and then once we get em its never the same.
You want them when they dont want you
Soon as they do feelings change,
Its not a contest and I aint on no conquest for no mate
I wasnt lookin but I stumbled onto you mustve been fate"
literally spell out everything anyones ever thought when it comes to that special someone & he took the words that override our minds & put into a rap, he really is amazing. love him like effing whoa.<3 i don't think he'll ever be able to make a bad album, he's just soo creative, smart, poetic & just too real. i'd marry him in a heartbeat hehe but then again, who wouldnt? :P