Gjakovile | Reviewer: lindipark87@hotmail.com | 9/26/07

Eminem Eminem Eminem....... thats all i can say for the greatest rapper.... you was the one you are the one you will be the one.....Eminem

wicked | Reviewer: 911 | 8/24/07

This is the best Eminem song I've heard so far. I luv it! Eminem is my favorite artist, so it's hard to find bad songs by him!

:) | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/20/07

well iv allways loved rap and eminem stand firm as my top rapper
hes amzing all his lyrics and rhymes are inspirational,
also this song is amazing to boost convidence and just to chill and sing to ,
finaly eminem is a mint rapper you cnat beat him by tiem u thought of ur first verse hes got his frist second nd his third ready to rip u in freestyle
amazing rapper :)

Insane... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/07

one of my favorite songs...wel probably my FAVORITE song...but he's just SO good...it's hard lol..people who hate rap gotta read eminems and tupacs lyrics...then they'll get what mean..
they're one of the few rappers who have a point

** one of the greatest.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

This just goes to show real hip hop atrtist stil exist out there... wit the potention 2 produce such a lyrical master piece wit the impact of a club banger.

this song it awesome | Reviewer: poop | 2/14/07

the song is insperatinal it intrigued me the first time listened it is a good song for me i luv it the lyrics are graet im a solder i wanna grow up to be a solder anyway

good song | Reviewer: Máni Bodinaud | 1/8/06

my mom hate this guy but he is really good this song is one of the best

My feelings on eminem-Soldier | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/06

This song is such a great one. The words he uses in the chorus I love so much. Its such a good inspiration for ne1. Dont give up, no ones going to stop me. I love it, these shoulders hold up so much.. This si the song that made me start to take an interest in eminem.

Incredible. | Reviewer: shitdaddy | 5/7/05

This is such an incredible song.
The lyrics blow you away, especially the last verse.