fantabolous | Reviewer: arash | 9/23/11

in my view the best r an b hiphop song in 2006 is this song.akon u r number 1 r an b from iran and i really like u.eminem was great in this my opinion we must listen to this more and more and more to understand the real r and b.good luck

akon | Reviewer: matt | 3/9/09

this song is cool .i love this songs so much but when you sing you just say the words quiqly and i dont anderstand any words but the song is amazing i love you akon you my only hope bye everyone !!!

smack that | Reviewer: frashteh | 6/14/07

hi my name is frashteh yo everyone you what i love this song and i always listen to it because i love it .And also what i like about this song is that it is a very fast song but not for and now i know iall of the part in this song because i listen to so i come memoerise the line ok g2g got to go bye thanks for the song thank you very much your sicerely,

kewl song but fuking lyrics | Reviewer: shosho | 5/25/07

its a soooo good song but has very bad fucking words. and damn stupid shit words

smack that roxs | Reviewer: mikayla atwood | 5/8/07

hey EVERYONE this song is the best song that i have every heard i think that you all should buy it there is only one thing wrong with it it should go longer in it and more rap but i still think IT ROXS go AKON [FEAT EMINEM] ROXS you are the best team you should keep singing together in your songs i hav all the cds of akon and eminem they rox they are the best songs to listen when you are drinking


Tight song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/07

Smack that is a tight ass song it has akon and eminem bustin out some tight mo fuking song i think it should be worshiped by everybody biotch

this song great!! | Reviewer: Shazillah | 3/9/07

heyy this song is great man...i like..i will hear it when i'm bored or wat..haha...its really great!!!

um confused | Reviewer: meggy | 1/10/07

i think its ridiculous that this sight is posting a song when there are words missing!! and i like this song its ok but there are a-lot of words wrong

eminem is kewl | Reviewer: daniel | 12/20/06

eminems new single kicked ass and he should make a lot of me new ones so that i can enjoy him in all his pride and glory