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------ performed by Eminem

Really Good Job | Reviewer: MaccGyver | 3/14/11

It's tough to make out all of Eminem's lyrics sometimes, but this was done really well. The only thing I noticed is that in the first verse, it's "Don't forget ones", not "once" - gotta have them bills. Keep them lyrics coming!

Hmm. | Reviewer: Larissa | 7/13/10

I do believe that when your commenting, and your wanting people to see your opinions its best to speak at least english, not slang terms that are popular now-a-days.
I do actually like this song, its not one of his best, but it is amusing in a sordid way.

dis songie rox | Reviewer: cutie | 6/27/07

hu d fuck is dis abbie guys!!!!!!!!!!ny way this song is a damn gud song so nocomments against it okie>..........

------ About the song Shake That(fet. Nate Dog) performed by Eminem | Reviewer: me | 6/10/07

i love this song and abby write wateva u want girl u rok

Uhh. | Reviewer: AshlEy | 4/7/07

This song is effing. Awesome.
And dude or Chick w.e the hell you are.

what the hell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/06

whoever that abbie chick is she needs to learn how to speak english, this is a good song but i don't think it requires complete and total lack of proper english, i'm actually ready to believe that if not fully she is nearly retarded.

Shake that | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/06

Shake that is a awsome song a song that you want to get up and shake it to. I love it.

boss | Reviewer: Abbie | 5/17/06

i say shake that is like a beast song ive neva heard a betta 1 infact all eminems songs are beast their well sound also i think eminem is soooooooo F.A.F and sexy!!!!

love Abbie xoxoxox

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