Dope | Reviewer: Cyan Shady | 9/26/12

honestly guys give it up we would all love to be eminems thought of a biggest fan. to get just one your than man from slim shady.
and some of us may get it. but hes just one man. he really dont give a fuck. theres millions even billions of us huge eminem fans. secrect is if u even want slim to recognize u gootta either find a way to make your own name. or looks insane and bug the fuck outta him. OR do the road of both and be the fan thats disses whats whack. he needs to realize it time to battle again cuz his new sht jus dont cut it. thats what im gunna do. diss slim to make him mad so we call all get some brand new crazy slim shady sht

nelly | Reviewer: snap | 9/15/11

you know em...i just wish u cud recieve this man im ur biggest uR the best rapper in the whole world no 1 else,i cant choose the tracks that i lyk but all of them including the new albam bad meets evel man its rocking n that song (sing 4 the moment) 4 real,all i wished for is to get in shady recods and do some serious intence ass im your biggest fan u can never name is nelly im a male and im 21 yrs old

numero 1 fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/11

Thats not really eminem who talked to nathan right? its just some wanna-be shady? just wanna know... great song eminem your the best rapper alive and i hope you keep it goin.. i wonder if your daughter gives u a hard time sometimes well yea love ya shady #1 fan and always will be. Started listening to you since 7 and right now im 14.

Great song | Reviewer: Guy Who Reads Comments | 11/20/10

This song is so genius. The lyrics are amazing and his feelings get sooo clear to the viewer that you almost pretend that your famous and act like this is you singing this song. Speaking of pretending to be eminem, the guy who pretended to be eminem in the comment below me and try to be a know-it-all with the facts and speak wise in the comment box- you realy need to get a job man and stop living the dream. Just sayin. Peaceeeee

:) | Reviewer: Andrea | 11/13/10

If that is Eminem, then i'm going to scream. i'm 13, but i love your music. your all i listen too, seriously. I know alot of people think your a bad person, even my teachers say so, but I don't think thats true, I admire you so much!
-Andrea(Your Fan)

To Nathan | Reviewer: Eminem | 9/17/10

Hey Nathan, nice to have another best fan. Halie is 14 and she'll be 15 on decembre 25. Thats not personal cause everyone already knows. I got white america from the fucked up voice in my head, Puke was about kim ofcourse and yeah thats right: Say goodbye hollywood is one of my best. Lets hope your not realy my best fan, cause there are a hell of a lot more who try to contact me on much more iritating ways. You beter be just a fan.
Peace out -Shady

UR FAVE FAN | Reviewer: nathan | 5/30/09

hey em i am like ur fave fan be side my friend we both love beautiful and 3 am.i like when u say"she puts the lotion in the bucket and puts the lotion on the skin". i like beautiful better tho.say goodbye to hollywood is pretty good and hailes song is to. i think my dads gone crazy is pretty old is she(haile) or is that to persanal?who was puke about? and where did u get white america from?

ps i an ur second fave fan

eminem is da don | Reviewer: maxwell | 4/19/07

i just like eminem and particularly this song.eminem and dre should never go away.