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Performed by Eminem

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WHAT? | Reviewer: TriPPinVdUb | 12/3/09

Biggie indusrty induce? that man could flow to a beat like no other, he was a true swinger, 2pac had a lot of substance, you could feel and relate 2 what he was saying but biggie could hang to a beat. he can still give me goose bumps when I listen to ready to die. Eminem is the best alive but you cant put anyones names next to these 2 cause there will never be another rapper that can captivate people like them.

Rapper/Producer | Reviewer: JohhnyM45 | 9/11/09

Eminem is a great rapper in my opinion. You never hear him rapping about all the money and cars he has. I say most of his songs on The Slim Shady LP have stories to them, others dont; but are just as good. Alot of rappers today dont have much meaning...its always about money and cars and girls and shit.

As a student of Dr. Dre he made some sick beats man. I know Dre. had a hand in the production though. I think he is a well rounded rapper and producer compared to todays rappers.

Greatest song ever | Reviewer: Ozan | 5/1/09

"I've been with 10 women who got HIV"
"I've got genital warts that it burns when i pee"

Eminem is the best lyricist,best author,best rhymer,best disser(Listen the diss he wrote to Ja Rule )and funniest rapper(i mean his lyrics are funny like in this song) ever.
Not only in the alive ones,He is the best of all.
Tupac just has emotion, not more.And 50 Cent wouldn't be famous if there weren't Em

Understand music | Reviewer: Joe | 4/5/09

eminem is complex as it gets like he said on the marshall mathers lp in the sone im back "i take each individual degenerates head and reach into it just to see if he is influenced by me if he listens to music, and if he feeds into this shiyt he is an inoccent victim and becomes a puppet on the string of my tennis shoe" his rap is ment to tell stories and reach out to people. he wants his stories to be heard. thats what him big and pac all had in common they wannted the world to understand what got them where they are. for kids to tell me lil wayne is even close to these three guys is rediculis. lil wayne shit is just a bunch of simile's put together and all he raps about is shit that dont matter i cant stand him or what hes about... matter a fact once you find out what hes about let me know

just enjoy the music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/09

Whats the deal with this who-was-the-better-rapper shit? Just enjoy the music....fighting over who is better is what made rap the shit it is today....EM, tupac, biggie, they had meaning behind they music and didn't give a damn who was more guys do and thats what leads to people like lil wayne....that guy is so fuckin fake it makes me sick

Eminem Best Rapper ALIVE | Reviewer: Ross Granger | 2/5/09

hey fuck you asshole if anything eminem is by far better than pac pacs a great rapper but to be honest biggie was more lyrical and eminem is way more complex and lyrical than any rapper to ever live eminems the best rapper alive ill argue that all day you clown listen to his music n listens to pacs. then come n talk to me

haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/08

for john who wrote that shit about eminem bein up there with tupac i laughed wen i read that, i had to write sumthin. first of all u cant even compare eminem to tupac theyre on a whole different level, and second u said about biggie getting no speck of credit i laughed. no one layed it down like biggie not even tupac, and really if it werent for biggie, puff wouldnt be where he is today not the other way around. get ur shit straight n listen to more biggie i duno wat ur talkin about him bein industry induced biggie was straight from the underground. if anything tupac was more industry induced

"Role Model" | Reviewer: Angel | 4/8/08

I Think what Eminem is trying to get across is that he doesn't control what other people do, just because we listen to his music doesn't mean he's telling us to do what it says in his lyrics...he's telling us that he lives his life one way and we live ours another and if we some of the stupid stunts that it says in his lyrics it's on our own free-will and that he has nothing to do with it. He's not going to be a role model for a world that should think for itself.

hahaha | Reviewer: john | 4/1/08

Lyrically, this guy puts some deep, deep, meanings into his lyrics. It's behind all the profanity, and bizzare descriptive propganda. There is a message to be seen here, I think that's what eminem wanted all of us to realize. Don't judge a book by it's cover, or it's story, judge it by it's true value and morals, and above all else, unique deliverance. Eminem is one of the greatest rappers right along side Tupac Shakur. Biggie was more industry induced, so i refuse to give him a speck of credit, without puff he'd be a no show.

best song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

luv this song the best ! dont ya wanna grow up to be just like me ive got genaral worts and it burns when i pee doint you wanna grow up to be just like me YES I DO

great! | Reviewer: gabriel | 2/9/06

this song is great i love it, em is the best raPPer in this f*cking world!

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