Marshall Mathers: Best rapper of the 21st century | Reviewer: Kamohelo.M | 12/24/13

Yeah.... Its my life... My own words i guess.
Marshall mathers you so cool u make me forget abt the others your songs are dope and im sure they also give hope, i love your singing sometimes i even forget that im breathing, your music is so pure when i play iti feel secure, you aint like the rest of them what you say is actually firm, i believe in you man.
Im from south africa. Johannesburg. Chris J Botha Secondary School. #peace#

Hello | Reviewer: Jasmine wonky j | 10/27/13

Hello hello iz da best track am diein 4, emi plz am in benue state da central region of Nigeria i want u 2 pay us A visit somday moreso i am allso practiceing in da field and my propaganda is 2 grow in ur shadow! Be ur boy and becom more powerful lik u are sir Marshall bruce math. Plz do somethin tangible 2 rescure me cuz hardship iz real,am in da kitchen cookin som pops live. Here come's my control 08164295003 may u liv long ,irigate me well, watch me well as i ll grow.

fond of shady | Reviewer: simon | 10/13/13

dear bro i just wanna tell u how delightful i am to tell u about my felling i have for u right in this moment. u just showed the whole life using your lyrics. it's quite unimaginable talent u possess friend. u know i wanna remind u to buckle down for more coz that's what gives us something special that can't possibly get.

You rock | Reviewer: Francis Jay | 9/20/13

man I do love ya music and i rap 'em too know you probably might never read this but I'ma write anyway. I admire your wordplay and I want to become a real 'Rap Poet'. Im from Delta State in Nigeria. And oh lest I forget 'Berzerk' is way off da hook man. I love you Slim no homo.

The Bitch Killer | Reviewer: Lucify | 9/6/13

Yo Em Look at dem wanna Be you they probably just wanna Sue you screw them trow them with a jem in the middle of their eyes damn em your lyrics flies everywhere you're lyrics goes a lot of niggas dies fall dead on tha flo yo but they act like they know they really don't know shit so before I diss them go chill and sit before you break you're face ima spray you niggas with mace bitch keep up the pace before you lose track ticklle your fathers ball sack ......Hahah yo emm what do ya think of my rhymin ??Its pretty ill aint it but yo holla back man just wana say that your rapps are the illes in the univers true story man peace. respect

the best rapper in this world !!!! | Reviewer: Anil Arya | 7/12/13

i'm a big fan oof urs... u r just awesome....!! my fav. somg of you is THE WAY I AM.... and i've learned it.... plzz try to cum in india and do a concert..!! i'll be happiest person on earth..!!

How come | Reviewer: Ubong beka | 6/7/13

I'm Ubong beka from Nigeria. Eminem i like ur rap and rythm u are the rapper leader #1 in ur city.pls find a day and pay us a visit in calabar canival. 08091158951.dats my number.

god damn rapper | Reviewer: richard | 12/23/12

hey, i'm from bangladesh nd i'm mad about ur songs specially MY DADS GONE CRAZY. i love ur any song those u sung. u r a awesome rapper in the world of my side. I LOVE YOU EmInEm.

TEACHER | Reviewer: Muthai | 11/20/12

Hey yo, REAL not afraid 2 cal u da name ,coz u real teach them nigaz how say the words faster.when u r sayng 3 words, they can only say one.when singing 3 pages, they can only sing1.

f | Reviewer: d | 11/8/12

im da best from mid west east an da west life is like a game of chess I dont strees I juseet smoke the sease an worry less may the angel walk with u moreless if your fearless da stainless a live u brainless to hoes im heartless evon if u wearing a vest ill put.a hole in ya chess

U jst inspire me... | Reviewer: Thabo Tsoela | 10/13/12

Shady dude, I'm 15 n I'm from South Africa. Dawg, ur music jst hit da most high notes! I've been listenin to u since 2009, but damn it feels like I've known u simce da day I was born! The way u rap, the way u put 'em words on 'em lines of urs, the way ur rhymes r(self made- n dat's wat I like da most about u!), dude everything about ur tracks r just superb, fantastic n da best anyone can ever think of! Dude, I rly can't tell which song of urs I Love da most, because they all are da greatest! Dude, since I've been listenin to u, I can now write ma own songs, which they are already recorded! The first song I wrote used ur 'I'm not afraid' beats! Shady dude, when r u ever goin' come to South Africa???

YOU ARE AWESOME | Reviewer: Andrez Mc | 10/1/12

Yo shady I'm a big fan, I have listened to you since I was 5 and have been hooked since. you have inspired me to become a rapper, because of the simple reason that you became famous through basically nothing but really good friends and it hasn't changed you, u still stand for the same reasons you did when u started and thats why i like you

from india | Reviewer: nilay | 9/20/12

i'm a big fan oof urs... u r just awesome....!! my fav. somg of you is THE WAY I AM.... and i've learned it.... plzz try to cum in india and do a concert..!! i'll be happiest person on earth..!!

king of hiphop | Reviewer: m dias | 8/27/12

hey shady im a big fan of u the king of hiphop u r great rapper I like ur style ur lyrics. my fav song of u is beautiful and pls I request u to cum in india and sing beautiful live I know u r busy but hope u read this

i doubt u | Reviewer: c babz | 8/8/12

iam a christian so i bleive in GOD. ABOUT yo songs bro they suck .read this or not r u in illuminati coz thoz guyz i hate them 2 the bone . iam just 12 but noe this JESUS is coming soon are yu in the good or bad zone BE BORN AGAIN 11!!