eminem the best rapper | Reviewer: aditya kulashri | 12/17/07

eminem is the greatest i have ever seen and every time i hear his track mocking bird, when i am gone, i feel like crying coz really they r heart touching and the way he raps its amazing. have a nice future mathew mathers. m & m. ba bye

God of rap in all over the world | Reviewer: Nader | 12/13/07

Iam an Iranian that love Eminem.Ithink his rhymes are very relaxing.all of the rapper in all of the world must follow him

shady | Reviewer: kufa noble | 12/11/07

eminem your the best rapper since tupac died. i hope you still bring songs out because i just love to listen to your music dont listen to all the bad remarkes what been said to you more people love then there do hate ya love ya loads

the man of the RAP | Reviewer: blendd | 12/7/07

What is rap if eminem not sing what is rap if the king not sing.Use you're brain and vote b-rabit hej eminem i love you and x-zibit. I LOVE THE SONG '' MOCKING BIRD''not listen every song because ..what is life.. by eminem you learn . hej marshall don't give up ... these are boulls shit and who hate eminem fuck up.Im crazy meet you im a psychoman and for you're songs too. so , D!@ are kingzzzz..ZZz....:)

Legend ''eminem'' | Reviewer: blend | 12/7/07

look eminem you are my idoll,my life,my song and everything for me.Im from albanian so i want very much meet you.you're songs are very very nice.you're rimes are very cool. So. go B-rabit heh.and film 8 mile is very good. WHO hate the legend i kill him ''not really''. FUCK FREE WORLD

12/7/07 | Reviewer: Ellie | 12/7/07

I'm really am not the type of girl that people would think to like... scratch that LOVE rap and Em's work, but I am, im 13 and d*mn proud of it, I hate how people think that the music makes the person, its the other way around its the people that make the music! I have been an Eminem fan for like half my life, ever sense I heard "Cleanin' Out my Closet" I have been hooked, and I know like all the word to the 3cd's worth of song of Em's that I have!!! The somg I love the most of Em's is Hailie's Song, I love how down to Earth it is. Eminem rocks and I hope he keeps rocking... scratch that rapping! 831, peace out Ellie from Wisconsin

loving 'em | Reviewer: Shana | 12/5/07

hey boi sup?
what can i say?
Ever since i heard the song Mockingbird a few years ago it made meh cry! that's when i realized that ur life ain't so different from mine. i grew up w/o a father and troubles with my mother and school life is totally not fair! i'm from missouri! i've been n Kansas City a few times and it's great! sometimes when life is messed up the only way u can really go is forward! i like rapping too even though i'm a grrl! and some day i hope i will make music too! i have 17 songs written but i haven't yet recorded them! I think ur the best damn rapper artist out there! you've put so much inspiration on me! very influential! When i'm upset i just put ur music on and i feel better afterwards! i feel like i can b who ever i want to b and not feel down bcuz i have the power to get a grip and do what eva i want! i know ow it feels to b different and especially wanting to rap! i'm not normal in school! my dreams is to become like u and wanting to b an actress! and yes i love you more than all yo fans! I love you Eminem! ps.keep it real man! i love ur work!

I love eminem sooo very much!!!!! | Reviewer: michaela | 12/3/07

I love you so much i hope to meet you some day ive been a fan for a long ass time i know every song ever made i understand your music ive never met my dad so i understand you 100% I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO VERRRY MUCH & I HOPE TO MEET YOU SOME DAY!!!!

love you eminem | Reviewer: Laura Goins | 12/3/07

it is so terrible about your wife and did you ever and i am a really good fan of you but I love you so much that I am at school and doing a reserch paper on you.And I keep telling people that you are so hot and so cute and when you was on the disturbing the Peace click and you were at a truck stop and you ran into a big fat man that man was my father and he said that he was sorry for running into you and the two little girls you were blowing kisses to were me and my little sister we are in love with your music and I really am an Eminem lover and I know your full name and it is Marshall Bruce Mathers and I love the 8 mile show a and you were so hot and if I ever were able to see you again I would and that would be a good wish and my whole life I have loved your music.

slimshady | Reviewer: kelly | 11/29/07

eminem your the best rapper since tupac died. i hope you still bring songs out because i just love to listen to your music dont listen to all the bad remarkes what been said to you more people love then there do hate ya love ya loads

me too | Reviewer: scrapper | 11/29/07

sup home boi
first of all im gonna say i dont love u dawg, damn i dont even know u , but i will say i love ur work. to tell u the truth ur the one that inspired me to start rappin. ya im a rapper too
and people just keep sayin that im bound to be the next u. but thats not now and it will never be true, mabey some day if i ever get signed we could do song but im actually recording now

Eminem | Reviewer: John the Don | 11/30/07

Em aint jus da greatest white rapper eva, he is one of da greatest rappers eva, PERIOD! He is top notch n rivaled only by rappers like tupac, dre, jay z, biggie, n very few othas.

Eminem rules | Reviewer: Eminem's Fan | 11/26/07

I love you eminem and I know everyone says that, but I really understand your musics and what you want to say. Keep on rappin' Em! PS: my friends have gotten better by listening to your songs. I mean They were having problem at home, but after they listened to yar musics, they were better.

Yep. | Reviewer: Mixture | 11/24/07

Eminem is one of the greatest white rappers in history and i totally love his songs because they have real meaning , i love YOU EMINEM x33

I love you EmInEm | Reviewer: Mary | 11/21/07

I love him very very much.And my father left home when i was 3 years old.And i know what mean too live without father.I LOVE YOU EMINEM!!!