My white choice rappa. | Reviewer: Sulemoney | 8/21/10

Hi, whts up nigger! I really appreciate ur industry since ur childhood stll now. Let me tell chrss brown to stop hatred bcoz of a bitch, coz it wll not make sence to de society. Eminem d'nt give a shit, keep it up and u wll achieve ur goals. Thnkx from sule, a.k.a soso flix.

just another fan that loves u and your music, except ur a part of my life i love u shady | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/10

i know you hear this everyday but ur amazing i can relate so much too ur songs the stuff you sing about that you have been through i have too i know what its like and i love you new cd too its great lol my favorite song u ever sung was sing for the moment lol everytime i get down i listen to ur music and you are a great example and have helped me through alot even though we have never met thank you shady ur amazing

I LOVE YOU | Reviewer: Raquel | 8/8/10

hi, my name is raquel. i just wished to say that you inspired me to fufill my dreams in rap. you are my hero and guider. i love the way you speak the truth in all your song and you speak your mind no matter who the hell your talking to. you are the most incredible rapper ive ever herd. your the only rapper i listen to cuz all the others are shit. i love you very much and i am very proud to call you my hero. by the way: you might the the sexiest man alive. sorry i just had to say it... haha

DARK_GIRL | Reviewer: LIL NICKS MOMMY | 8/3/10

Hey just wanted to let u kno that u r an amazing artist. I been listening to u since I was lik 10 n I'm 23 now. When I was 13 the staff n my grouphome confiscated all ur albums that I owned cuz they said u were a negative influence on me lol but to this day I on every album that u ever released n I have a lot of ur underground too. Ur music is expression of self.either u can relate or u can't.there's no in between. I relate to it all. I been thru it all. God bless u and keep on keepin on! Do u :)

the1 and only | Reviewer: georgie | 7/31/10

hey ur music is awsum i love it...most people as a chile whould of been brought up with kiddie songs...but i was brought up with ur music...when i was 6 i knew all the songs on ur album the slim shady lp n knew most of the worlds...n i just wanted to say u have inspired me n i can relate to ur songs...i love the song hailies reminds me of my brother coz he used 2 always sing it 2 me when i was little
♥ u n ur music

My Angel | Reviewer: Mockinson | 7/22/10

Hey sweetie, God bless you and the family thank you within the bottom of my soul for inspiring me in so many way's with your beautiful gift of music not afriad, I love the way you lie and Beautiful it gave me hope, encouragement, motivation to succeed in life and the strongist gift of all is believing in Mircales. Just remember no one's perfect in life so your past is the past let it go and move forward to begine a new chapter in your music career don't give up HOPE believed in GOD have faith. LOVE YOU LP

no kiss ass | Reviewer: vgonzales | 7/10/10

So just want to let you know that i am a country girl not really into the rap thing unless its the old skool stuff, but ur rap really hits home and talks real shit that people like me have gone through or are going through so in short keep it up and dont stop being you cuz after all thats who u r and should be accepted just that way. Peace.

drug ballad | Reviewer: deborah q | 7/8/10

I got so into this even my nine years old neice knows it all. cuz I was listening to it everyday. Even when ever I feel too down n I hear your music I get alot better. I love you. You make me feel better. Thankyou. I hope to see one of your concerts one day : )

HI..? Eminem U r my best Hip-Hop artist | Reviewer: madan | 6/30/10

U r a true legend to me.I like ur voice n songs,recently i have heard ur song from latest album"Recovery"-Not afraid.I am happy that your album n that song debuted at no.1 at US.I m from Nepal n u r very popular here

Em is the best | Reviewer: -Hero | 6/24/10

boy o boy ,eminem. theirs no other word that can describe have an incredible gift.i cant listhen to other music other then yours and a few other artists because very few people can pull off what you can. you will always be number one.

Thank You | Reviewer: Haleh | 6/23/10

hi, my name is Haleh and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you, for inspiring me, and countless others who look up to you. You are an amazing example on following your dreams and pursuing what you set your mind to.
you inspire me to pursue my dreams, which is in music.
thank you for your guidance,

I've been Injured | Reviewer: Jefferson Worthen | 6/7/10

I Love your work. I like Brain Damage the best out of all your songs. Second would be Soldier and last Rock Bottom. I have had brain surgery or AKA Craniotomy in 2006 R early 2007. I almost Died. I did die inside although, I talked to people around the time I came out of the coma. I do relate to you but enjoy being myself even though I do somewhat Idolize you some.

send me a mail | Reviewer: Robertson | 5/4/10

wats up,this ya boy robertson from Ghana,its really hot in here but da mention of ya name makes it chilling in here.your raps ain't got anybody to match, wheather haters like it or not.especially raps from DROP THE WORLD and WHEN AM GONE.I damn love them,i love ya and i want to hook up with you.peace out.

Just another fan like the rest | Reviewer: Samantha | 5/3/10

You probably hear this all the time but i love your music and you. Im not like most people if i were to see you in person i wouldnt make it a big deal even though it would be. It is really hard for me to acually see you because im from hawaii ,i know its far away from where you are i dont even know if this is the real eminem but even if it aient then its ok i just fell like writing this

a real ass | Reviewer: kimmie | 4/21/10

i met u along time ago in brunswick on ellis st u were visiting ur dad i was at my friends house jimmy aka (thorn) and u walked down and talked with us for awhile i later walked back down with u at ur dads and we got to know each other i told u i had a 2year old drt. and that i was married to my high school sweetheart but that we were split up because he had a drug addiction, anywhoo i was giving u a bj and ur dad walked out on us and then u acted like an ass and i said u aint even famous yet.. remember me.... kimberly ann browning at the time.