Joe EM's biggest fan | Reviewer: Joe ( STAPLEZ ) | 6/27/07

Eminem is the shit i listen to all his music Im listening to some now My name is. I worship him he is the best. Im his biggest fan I have all his albums I had a bad child hood just like him. My biggest dream is to become a big rapper. who ever is dissin him should die and get raped by the devil I am writing a rap write now I see him in concert all the time never missed one. give me any song by em and I bet I know every word and every line.

Bio is wrong | Reviewer: AnotherKim | 6/28/07

B. Rabbit's mom was played by Kim Basinger, NOT Kim Mathers!

listen up | Reviewer: james | 6/24/07

true luv to m&m for Dissin I.P.C. becuase I.C.P are stupid fuckin brain dead faggot peices of shit!!
but anyway true m&m

I LOVE SLIM SHADY | Reviewer: Julya S.Mitsui | 6/22/07

I come from Indonesian,I'm greatest fans Shady.I was watched his video clip.Its so funny.If you hate Shady I KILL YOU.I know his biography so sad.I want sometimes can meet Shady in everywhere for example in my city Surabayan-Indonesian.I STILL WAIT YOU SLIM SHADY

luv u | Reviewer: sherisa | 6/20/07

i love EMINEM he is my fav person ever i now every song

Eminem Is Fukin Hot! | Reviewer: Anymous | 6/19/07

I love him I know EVERTHING about him the only thing I dont know is his #.... Tlk to me on IMVU my name is Detroiy(on IMVU)bye bye

Eminem a role model hes mint | Reviewer: steph | 6/19/07

i fukin luv him hes such a role modle coz af all da shit he has had to put up with in his life &&he is ausum at rappin n acting his film 8 mile made me cry n it realy made my impression of him even more gr8 i luv him i listern 2 him every day i love himm xxxx steph

Dissin | Reviewer: Crapiscrap | 6/15/07

Eminem loves dissin others so what goes round comes round hope he has the guts to go to Middle East and diss Osama instead of sittin in his own hood if he feels that strongly perhaps he could sign up...guys an immature jerk...nuff said

rockin' shit | Reviewer: Rabit | 6/13/07

eminem ROCKS THE FUCKIN' SHITR and if you dont like him fuck ur mom in the ass.

About the artist/band Eminem | Reviewer: Autumn | 6/9/07

All you people go crazy thinking
but really I think it's a waste of time cuz it's not like ne of you r gonna even get the chance to actually go-out with him. But he is really funny and I can relate to him. A lot of us can, but all of these people at my school either think he's friggin hot or he's a friggin idiot that can't rap. And I don't agree with either of them, cause yea he's hot but I don't go around saying he is. Cuz it's not rite. And I NO he's not a friggin idiot. He rocks and if you don't like him yet,watch his stuff on youtube and stuff like that and then go and post that he sucks, really your making him more popular cause nobody likes you.

love eminem | Reviewer: real fan | 6/1/07

eminem is the best rapper ever he is the king of rap i love him and i wish him life full of hapiness with rap

i love mnm | Reviewer: tiffany | 5/31/07

i love all of his songs my favorite one is with out me and mockingbird and stan those are my favorrite

I LOVE EMINEM | Reviewer: Patricia | 5/31/07

If it was me married to Eminem, OMG In his head he wouldnt know what the word "divorce" meant. I love him so much. I know how it is when your father up and leaves, with no good-byes - leaving mom to struggle all by herself. I love Eminem. And I wish to meet him one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eminem | Reviewer: The_One | 6/2/07

I must say that this guy rocks.
Honestly, his songs are nice.
The first one I heard was " Sing For The Moment"
It was really nice. But so far I like " Mockingbird" the most.
Have a nice day. ^^

love u | Reviewer: Ginalisa Fusco | 5/31/07

emienm u r one of the best rappers in the world........and i know everthing about u how ur life is a living hell love gina