Just a simple fan | Reviewer: Tumi | 1/21/11

Eish man. I've always listen to your music. And i can tell your music is good. I fill like i could mit u, but artists like u doesnt visit my country which is South Africa. I understant that where u are u tour alot and u never thought of visiting countries such as mine. I can tell that u and lil wayne can make a great team. U guys should know that u've got alot of fans who wish 2 c u guys in south africa. C-ya!

Just Wanted to say Hey :) | Reviewer: Crystal | 1/7/11

Hi eminem! i look up to you soo much. you are the most amazing person and i love that you just dont give a fuck about what people say. I know, i know, you prob wont read this yeah oh well i just wanted to say im going through a shit of a time and your music is the only thing helping me through. I love you. Thank you. - Crystal xxoo

Just wanted to say thanks | Reviewer: Maranda | 1/3/11

I'm only 13 but I think your a really good rapper, and I wish I cld kno you on a personal level. I listen to Mockingbird every night and I just wish you were my dad. My dad cheats on every women he has ever been with and he's a terrible father. Your daughters are very lucky to hav you as a father. I can be in th shittiest mood an I will listen to you and I feel better.i understand your music and I just wanted to say thanks. And I love you, you've helped me alot.

eminem helped me with my childhood | Reviewer: sugar | 12/28/10

Growin up in my home for me was hard as a kid my dad always in and out of prison my mum a total bitch drugs and men in da house all da time in the end i turned to both myself :-( 12years old on drugs avin sex with men 10years older than u not fun droppin outa skl at 15 no grades not gud but wen i listened to the songs i felt ok safe like i could b myself again coz so much in the songs thats said has happend to me now im 20and a mum of 3 lifes not easy but im not afraid and i love the way it hurts im gonna do gud by my kids ive given an arm for my girls thanx eminem babe love ua xx

charve | Reviewer: khajree caston | 11/4/10

i'm a young artist tring to get in the buisness just like my dad charve norris,he was telling me about how he knows you and was working with you beign a producer a he is,i just wanted to say your incredibaly talented and unlike these other rappers your rapping a true story no gangs or nothing you also have the ability to manipilate words that don't even sound the same in my opinion your the best rapper since tupac,i'm almost with you and i'm trying to get in my dads studio with you to record a song,if you wan tyou can add me on facebook your true number 1 fan khajree caston

you are a legend | Reviewer: mark | 11/3/10

eminem, you are an inspiration to me, the things you have gone through in life is so bad and i listen to your music every night and when my dad is pissed out his face i just think how much worse yours was I SEE YOU AS A ROLE MODEL i think you are great in singing and great in life therfore your just a LEGEND

eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/10

You are so amazing not only from your words of your songs but how you handled ur life as it came you are a great role model not only as a rapper but as a real person you are the best and keep going forward. GOOD LUCK IN EVERY THING IN YOUR LIFE

eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/10

eminem ur the best hailey is so pretty laney is 2 and whitney.im sry about kim and ur childhood. what i luv about ur music is tht u put ur life into it like wen u got bullied in the song brain damage wen u had a fite with kim in the song kim in cleaning out my closet u sed stuff about ur uncle ur mother and ur childhood in my mom u sed how ur mom was an alcholic and tht she put it in ur food.in the video cleaning out my closet it broke my heart because wen u were like 6 or 7 and u made ur mom a card and she just threw it at u and she ripped all of ur pictures u made her.that made me upset.u had a tuff childhood but dont let that effect how happy u r.u have 3 gorgeous daughters ur brother,u can buy wuteva u want and ur filthy rich urthe best eminem i wud do anything 2 meet u i luv u. i wish i cud hang out with hailey whitney laney and u.if this makes u feel any better i hate kim shes mean bc she chaeted on her and i hate ur mom bc she wasnt a good mom.ur my favorite rapper of all time.ur songz r soooooooooooooooo creative. i luv u and hailey whitney and laney r lucky to have u as there father
-ur #1 fan!

SOO SIMPLE MAN | Reviewer: JOURNALS .G.B | 9/21/10

You are soo Simple and talented man.....i really loved how you performed AM NOT AFRAID in BET 10TH ANNIVERSARY awards....soo simple dressed and understandable performance...Keep it up.May God GRANT you with WISDOM,KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING IN all your WAYS..God BLESS u Eminem.

I love you | Reviewer: Bethann | 9/11/10

I have so much respect for you and what youve been thru em, your daughter is adorable as hell and so are you i love your songs and whenever im in a bad mood i put my ipod into my stereo and listen. . . i just listen and sing and it puts me in the best mood. i hear what you are saying in your songs and i love the effort you put into them to make them as real as possible.

Too good for words. | Reviewer: Devon Clarke | 9/9/10

i find it too damn hard to put into words how much i love, appreciate respect and praise you, your the one i go to when im feeling down or feel like life isnt all its cracked up to be. im the same age as hailey, and a girl, no one understands why i go on about you so much but i always will i hope y7ou know how talented and heart wrenching your words and music is i cannot tell you enough im your biggest fan and would sell everything and anything and everything to meet you even my life. I LOVE YOU MARSHALL, EMINEM AND SLIM you all have so many different characters and personalities i understand the points each one of you make please never give up i rely on you, at times youve kept me alive and stopped me from doing some real stupid stuff im so thankful to you,
love your biggest fan ever devon, xxxxxxx

i love | Reviewer: samantha | 9/8/10

i never had a father figure and i think he is the best father in the world to his kids and wish he would, like, adopt me or something i love his mocking bird song it makes me think of my dad when my mom told me about him and makes me think that maybe he will come back. But i know he wont. i love u Marshall.

Omfg, It's Eminem | Reviewer: Holly | 9/5/10

Eminem you are my idol i worship the ground you walk on man !! Me and my best friend love you!! You are our idol's man! You are amazing, keep doing what yuo are doing. Don't take shit from anyone you are your own person no fuck can tell you that you are someone diffrent. You are a amazing. I feel like i can relate to your song's man. Everyone's life is messed but no one cares. Eminem i love you, i would do anything to go to one of your concert's but im only 13 so im too young. Love always Holly :) You rock dude x

Haha | Reviewer: Poulina | 8/30/10

Eminem is a legend. I actually don't like rap but Eminem is the only one I can listen too. But to tell you the truth, Eminem is his own genre. He has the best songs mostly because his songs people can relate. Not everyone can relate to having billions of dollars, sleeping with a different woman every night and getting any girl (Average people are lucky to get one), those are the topics that all the other rappers rap about. But not Eminem. Anyways Eminem you are the best and always will be. Congrats on Recovery. Someones ALWAYS blasting that when I go outside. Congrats and remember, you changed music and I'm grateful. :)

hey | Reviewer: sheila forbes | 8/28/10

hey silm im a big fan but im not as big as other fans like i have some pics of u and shit but im 13 almost 14 i was wondering if you could add or write me on facebook or my myspace? And my father die when i was a mounth old inn a car chash so thats y i really like your songs and it make me feel bater when i lisson But i wont bother you much if you add me!!!!!!!