slim shady | Reviewer: sudarsan rai | 7/22/12

I am sudarsan rai i am just impressed by your rap now by listening your songs i can rap very well and i teach the small ones too and..
i just wanted to see you and rap with you but i am too far you are the only unique rapper in this earth so kepp on going

I Freaking Love You emienm | Reviewer: Patience | 4/12/12

im a girl and im 10 i want to be just lke you slim i bet youll never read this bet i love you rap or facebook YOUR MY PROFILE THANK YOU IF YOU RED THIS I LOVE YOU EMINEM Marshall Bruce
Mathers B-Rabbit Slim Shady Really try to get bak to my bro i luv you ty reading this

What you mean to my brother | Reviewer: Samantha | 3/7/12

Eminem, you have inspired my 11 year old brother to rap and make his own songs by remixing yours.He is always rappin left and right and i really have no way of gettin to talk to you about him but i really have been tryin for the past month and i just wanted to say thank you for being a rapper.My brother also says that he wants to be like you but rap even faster and so far he can rap 242 words in 25 seconds!I was just hopin tht he could see you in person but we are not the richest people in the world and you probably dont have the time but thanks for your music.

I Love You | Reviewer: Erfan | 3/1/12

Heeeey, he, here is a big fan, I'm from iran, I love eminem so much, i just wanna go to america one day, and just see marshal, i wanna thank him because of good songs and lyrics, i wish i could be with him just 1sec, Love you so much marshal! :-(((((((

The best rapper alive | Reviewer: Andent | 2/25/12

Ohh "EMINEM" what can i say u r da most outshine rapper dat i hv ever seen in ma life before. the whole world needs u coz u hv rapped ol life mistrey of us.the best tng dat makes u uniqe from other rappers is dat u didn rap for the damn bitchs,cars,money. u always hv a talent of rapping ol life mistreys of ol ppls this is what always make me to be proud of u.i rlly want to thanks God 4 creating des kind of wonderful person.n u r 1 of an outstanding rapper. Finally i wonna ask u something plz plz eminem would u plz "rap for Africa" coz we r depressed down by dos damns plz would u do dat for us plz.

!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lil Dee | 2/23/12

Aye yo lyrics is sweet,creative, and jus untought of... I listen to yo freestyles all the time.. Got twisted was off da chain ya digg.. The words yu use make me read the dictionary wen i write my own lyrics... Keep spit mayne.!

Inspired | Reviewer: Krystal | 1/15/12

You inspire me to chase my dream to be a singer. I think that my dream probly wont come true, and you probly wont read this... But im gonna try for both. I hope you can read this, and if not i know you are busy.After reading this, I learned that it isent easy. My favorite song by you is Mockingbird. It is so sad... My best wishes to you and your girls.....

Best rapper | Reviewer: Brazil julius | 1/5/12

Eminem is definatly the best rapper that has ever lived,not because he is white but because of his massive and rare talent.his poetry is so unbelivable he rhymes like he created the words himself he is definatly a living legend..

His feelings in song which has win my heart..completely | Reviewer: Harry acharya | 12/29/11

Hi! Me harry from nepal..luk u are great rapper eminem.i like ur song..u are the best.i want to be also like u.but what to do there are many obstacle.we are a low status dream is to meet u and sing with u.i had also written a many song with my different feeling.but no one listen it..u are intelligence and i know u will listen my song..because i lop u so dream is to meet u..when i listen ur song for the first time was "when i'm gone" which has made me impressed and gave me a some feelings..luk eminem till i die i want to meet just only for second..i want to see u face to mobile number is +09779847148019..u can call me..luk today i have shared my every feeling towards u..but also it is less..u are only person which enforced me to i lyk u.i also hope that we will meet soon if possible..but i want to be like u..and sing with u..u are great great to me..i also pray for god that we can meet..eminem keep it up ur song.and i hope u will get more and more grammy awards..if u don't to meet me then it's ok..but u never leave to sing..u should be a great and great..u should also show the world how much great and important for this need u...that's all harry from nepal..!!!

No love | Reviewer: Rubayet ali | 12/23/11

hey shady,am RUBAYET am 1 of da greatest,madest fan of urs frm BANGLADESH nd i ll so wana b a rapper like u. u r da dream of my life. u inspire me a lot.4 u i cn do anything coz im da madest fan of urs. i like every single part about u.i like ur dreesing scenc, ur attitude, every single part.n i heard ur every single song. i always trying 2 dress up like u, trying 2 put on attitude like u . b8 i can't coz u r the one.i hardly waiting 4 da time when u perform in bangladesh n i cn c u 4m closer whc i alws wnt

best song | Reviewer: mahdi | 12/16/11

hy. i belive that song is one the best and strongest songs of eminem. i can't get enough of that song and when i am free i listen that because i had this problem, when i was 15 i lost my father an it was so dofficult for me and my family.i hope that you love your fathet forever and..............

eminem MAJOR SELL OUT | Reviewer: andi | 12/12/11

eminem is a sell out, back in the days of his first 3 commercialy sucsessful albums, he would constantly 'diss' other pop starts, britney, christina etc fast forward a few years and he is now dueting with pop stars eg rianna (whom of is she would of been about at the time of eminems origin she wudda been dissed too) EMINEM was sick back in the day....but nowerdays he a sell out muva f**** lost all respect for the guy

my own life | Reviewer: lawrence | 12/4/11

eminem i know you probably dont read any of these but im 11 years old i havent had a great life i got beat up and bullied since four til eight i listen to you so i can let my emotions out i have writen my own rap about my life im trying hard to be like you and i dont take shit from anyone and i hardly ever see me dad he lies to me a lot like he said do you want to come on holiday for a year but he couldnt afford it and he left me on my own crying but hopefully you read this

NOTHING | Reviewer: NITISH KUMAR | 11/26/11

HI!Shady hw r u?i am indian n also want to became an raper.i am ur very big fan n want to see u at least one. i try to write this coz i am craz in ur raps n want to see ur live show in india...........

to be continued

my idol | Reviewer: Adam elkhatib | 11/9/11

Em is the only real rapper out there his raps are about his life and how he went threw it not money weed and girls people acutely relate to him his flow his lyrics the way he says his lines are unthinkable he's one of a kind born gifted I respect em and everything he went idol