18.11.2007 | Reviewer: maya | 11/18/07

i love eminem more than my life.he is the best on the all world.i'm from bosnia...I LOVE YOU EMINEM

biography mistakes. | Reviewer: Steven | 11/15/07

Eminem first im gonna say your a talented performer, dont give up, stick with it.

Next is there is so much stuff in that biography that is wrong. First of all eminems dad didnt leave them, eminems mom one day deiced to pack all thier things up and leave while his dad was at work. His mom later convinced eminem when he was younger his dad left them. But his dad contacted eminem later, sending him pictures when he was younger and even eminems baby book, and eminems orignal birth certificate, and a copy of his own. Eminems mom also was later diagnosed with maunchousing syndrom by proxy, a disease which makes you believe your sick when your not. Eminem started his rapping at the age of 14 in a group called the young jacks, after a couple years he moved on and joined the rap group d-12, but destined to make it big, he went and performed in the rap olympics, taking second place. after dre had signed him, he went back and helped his old group d-12 get off the ground. As for the movie 8 mile. His wife Kim didnt play his mom Kim Basenger played his mom. eminem and his wife kim were the same age, kim basenger was born in 1953 making her 20 when eminem was born. and Halie Jade was his only birth daughter, but he has an adopted daughter that he adopted to help his ex wife kim take care of. thats alot of the bio that was wrong and should be corrected. i did a very thorough report on him in the 11th grade o i know all this stuff.

"INSANE ABOUT SHADDY" | Reviewer: darakhsha | 11/13/07

hi shaddy ia m a great fan of ur's. i am from srinagar sure u don't know where is tht bt thtz in india i love u and ur songs. my bro is mad abt u. we have my ur music collection and ur posters too. we jst love u. I SIMPLY NEED U OTHERWISE CAN'T SUSTAIN. u r our idol,i even know sumthing abt ur daughter alley and i simply love her too. MAY U ACHEIVE BIG HEIGHT IN FUTURE. love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

i love him.. ^ ^ | Reviewer: huily | 10/26/07

hii... my name is ria..
i'm from indonesia..i love eminem
He is very handsome and cool..
i love hes music..i hope to meet you..
EmInEm is the best rapper forever.. ^.^

Eminem Rules | Reviewer: Jack Forest | 10/26/07

Just wanted to say Eminem is awesome. To the rest of you Eminem doesn't read this so i don't know why you are talking as if to him.

By the way, most of you need to learn to speak english correctly.

Young Shady's LIFE | Reviewer: Steano | 10/24/07

Yo Em I Realy Need You Right Now,You Must Came Back And Do The Things You Best In And Thats Rap.Yo And Even Got My Nickname Young Shady And I Had Worked On A Few Songs.On Friday Just 2days Away From Your Birthday I Had Rap'd On Stage As You Dawg Love U

i like that. | Reviewer: Rory bressler | 10/22/07

i like what the story is talking about , how it say eminem was like a geek and he came up but i dont like the thing about how he Droped out of high school just because it was hard but rapping is hardier then school.. so thak you for your time, u can find me on myspace... under

best rapper ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

em is the sickest man on the planet. no one else can be pissed off make you nearly cry or make you bust a gut laughing all on the same album. he has the best flow and the best lyrics. eminem is the best rapper ever. period.

bo man | Reviewer: eminem no. 2 | 10/11/07

hey emenim man u so cool dued wish to be like u man im chance people call me gansgta short caz im so good at rapping dude wish to se u and say
im ur favourite fan rokenroll

eminem | Reviewer: andrew | 10/5/07

you fuck this shit am about to start a new face its called the andy c race yo am a 14 year old boy i like to blow not really man am not a fucking hommo. my life been pretty shitty up to now as long as i can rember well it started in december i was really down ever since my mamma left me when i wa nine and i always use to cry till i grow a pair and shaved my sisters dolly hairs. oh the subject is eminem hes like a fucking crimanl i love hes music man i play it when i can i download ilegly but thats ok your my fucking idol i wanna be just like i mean dumb whos thrown on you and have your dicked sucked by million women per second well thats wht a reckon email me man this is your biggest fan

Em Is The Best | Reviewer: Shane Cook | 10/2/07

without so of the eminem songs i dont know where i would be one of my favorites is crazy in love & i like Bully too

Ite | Reviewer: Sean | 9/29/07

alright em i think you are propa mint and you are the best in the world you have helped me through a lot just listenin to your songs i hope to meet you one day seeya sean

i love yooh and i just want you 2 no ..... | Reviewer: jessica carr | 9/21/07

hey em you and your music have got me though a lot my name iz jessica iam 14 and i would like 2 tell you about my life so far . i live with my grand preants an lil sister an two lil brothers and aunt that is not very well and we ar with nan because no body could look after us we dont have the same dads mine leaft me brfore i was bron and the outhers were involverd with drugs so i have been the mum since i was bout 7 but im telling you this because your music has helped me in the last few mounths i have been sick and i have got a lot wrong with me but ther main thing iz anger problems ang i am missing somethik in my life it iz my dad i have missed a lot of school and every day i put 1 of your cds on and just sit and wright to my dad after a while i stooped becaus of you you made me think i dont heed him a can be any 1 or do any thik i want to so thank you heaps ohh i love you i look up 2 you like a big bro and i love ur music jessica xox i hope you can wright back 2 me it would really mean a lot 2 me

Songs/ Rap | Reviewer: Shawn | 9/17/07

Hey Yo Em, My name is Shawn, and I've been working on a few songs but never have the time to finish them, then after a while i give up, but I keep on trying to make up the best words I can, to express what I feel like in the world, and what the rap world is really about, it's kind of hard to find the right beat to make your song with but I keep trying, and eventually I will make it work, I've made more then two songs but I've lost them, so I have have to make up new ones, so I hope we all can express how we feel in the world.

Class | Reviewer: Allan Brady | 9/17/07

I think this is brill cause i like Em's rapping and i relly hope he does come out with a new rap, cause he is class...........................................................................o and who ever wrote this should get a gold medal cause ya did brill