EMINEM DA BEST | Reviewer: Nish | 5/2/07

dude hes da best! Right Now Im Practicing rapping Read:

I keep My Pimp Hand Cleans,while doin ma shoulder lean, yea cus ima "g" and thas y yo momma got down on her knees!

about the artist. | Reviewer: john demekhin "Hella Russian" | 4/28/07

i think that Eminem is wat makes rap wat it is.
if it wasnt for him i would be another fuckin faget listening to slipnot or some other gay shit. I have always wanted to be like him and still do. These critics just dont understand wat he's been through and only make it worse. wat song are the best to me? all of them even the stupid kickbacked freestyles he makes. i mean seriously, he's always had something to say. he's never out of anything, he nevers stutters. its either in or out. look at all the albums he's made. Infinite, Slim shady EP, slim shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, Fucking Crazy, Off the Wall, Straight from the lab, Eminem Show, curtain calls, platnium collection, Encore, and now th RE-UP Anthem with his fellow rappers. this guys my fuckin Idol. my first CD was the Eminem show. I guess ima fuckin Wigger. now u think about this before u say that Eminem is wack. Because you dont know shit about him so shut the fuck up. He is the fuckin best.
And i wanna be him. No matter if 19 million other mother fuckin fans do too.
Face it. If you like rap. Then you fuckin like Eminem A.K.A. Slim Shady A.K.A. Marshall Mathers.
-Hella Russian
PS: im gonna start an album too. cuz of Eminem.

Hella Yah!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

Eminem's the best...and arguably one of the best rappers of his time...I love it how he's so real with what he says...yo Em if you ever read this keep it up man...I'd love to bang to another song of yours...hollaz

one of ur biggest fans<3 | Reviewer: Rene | 4/24/07

i've liked Emienmes music ever since he came out. even though i was young and my parents didnt agree with the music, i would still listen to it..n 8 mile is one of the best movies i have seen* i always listen to the rap battles at the end over n over lol.. he was great when he came to concert at the tweeter center. i love everything that he has come out with. and i'll keep suporting him <3

MNM | Reviewer: Viv | 4/24/07

I think eminem rulez the heavens and hells with his rapping. The onlyword that can desribe him is AWSM!!!!!!!!!!

NOTES: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07

Whao! That was some things huh? And yeah! Eminem is a cool rapper..To me he's like the best rapper ever..Everything he shout when rapping came from his heart and he said what he likes and feels and that exactly what makes other jealouse of him as the best rapper... Oh i think other people should get a life and hang on to it...Right ya'll? ~~

yo wat up | Reviewer: bryan | 4/23/07

you may be white but yo rhymes are tight. you da man.

eminems misunderstood | Reviewer: Max | 4/20/07

People think hes a fool or a racist but ur wrong then, hes a rapper! his songs give people hope in some ways, DONT BACK DOWN AND DONT BE A PUSSY!
hes like martin luther king, i have a dream to RAP, be a white rapper..........lol

Me Rhyming | Reviewer: MC Bucky | 4/11/07

"I'm goin over the Hill, Uncle Bill's nervous
That I'll fall, so he's standing still
Well.. I fell"
There that's somethin I just made up. I want to become a rapper someday, but I'm only 13.

Em's Rappin | Reviewer: charheart | 4/7/07

Em raps so fast ull barely no wat hes sayin,especially songs with D12 like Purple Pills and its remix that Em made in The Re-up,Purple Hills. I love Em's music,I dont care bout the cussin.I listen 2 his music evryday!

Biggest eminem fan in the universe | Reviewer: Ricki | 3/30/07

so many people claim they are the biggest fan of his and yet they never can really prove it being a fan is more than just having pictures and knowing all about him it is being there for him when people put him down and shit like that he raps what he beleives and what he goes through ya know what his life is about hes the only real deal hes right next to 2pac as in being the best rapper which i know he is thats all that matters and anyone showing that much love to their daughter is real i got respect for you

cute!!!! | Reviewer: eminem lova | 2/11/07

he raps amazin!!!!! hes cute!!!! wt else do u wnt???ppl who critizes him is fuckin crazy!!!

eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/07

eminem is pretty freaken beasttttt

hes really hawt two.

anywun who doesnt appericate him are like whack..he has alot of people hatten on him becuz hes white wtf.
thats jacked up to the fucken maxx.
iight well

yawll ken hate him..
but damn
hes a mad beast rapper yo.
so chill wiff allyoo haten

Eminem | Reviewer: Kristina Jones | 2/8/07

Eminem in my book is one of the most successful Rap artists out there, i have every CD he has ever made, i have the movie 8 mile. My personal opinion that was one of the best movies ive ever seen. His music makes so much since to me. Especially his song called Puke, wen my bf and i broke up, i use to listen to that song and i make a cd saying that the Song Puke was dedicated to him,it just made me take my anger out on something else then my family,then after i do that he came crawling back, besides that, i think Eminem is one of the sexiest, smartest and coolest guys ive ever seen, or heard of.

Marshal told me about life | Reviewer: Rickey | 2/7/07

Eminem is one of best rappers in world !!
he is one of the coolest too. Am his biggest fan u ever see. I have all the cd tracks vedio tracks of eminem.
Basicaly i beleive in eminem wat ever he says in his rap
make some sense ans can help you to fight toward ur life. (Not like Stan)
i am his biggest u ever see i am rickey