the one n onli....... | Reviewer: crhyme | 7/1/05

yo yo first of all i jus wanna big up everyone who showin eminem love...wot can i say i aint the only one who feels passionate about his music....well for me it was that i cud relate to everything he was sayin from domesitc issues n the drugz life.... he inspired me to rap n i jus wanna thank him for that coz alot of ppl say i got potential but nuttin compared to see him at concert try handin him my lyrics coz if he say i got skill i will believe it myself n i think he will be impressed so jus wish me luck that i do get close enough to him coz like he sed u onli get one shot do not miss ur chance top blow.peace

this is your boy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/05

man eminem is the best there will ever be. he is the only white rapper i like. he knows how to flow better than any of youll players.

U got it wrong | Reviewer: Shawnie | 6/11/05

man, eminem is an amazing rapper,,, hes been discriminated all his life for being a white rapper.. and hes one of the only white rappers.. dosent that show that hes got guts?!?! Daaa Man his family basically hated him... but did he go cry to some counsler!!!!! Hes raisng a daughter all by his self.. his wife is as screwed up as sum of u. Shes a crak head and dosent want anything to do with her daughter.. How would u feel in hailys shoes?! thats right... Wouldnt be to pretty eh?! Well you all better keep ur props cuz u all think ur gonna be awesome eminem rappers but ur only young and one day ur gonna do something with ur life and rappin will just be a dream so ya'll better shut it and think about what ur sayin!

eminem is ma sexii man | Reviewer: Stephanue | 6/8/05

eyyy yo i thik eminiem is the best yo meng. Fuk shyt his new album is the illest yo i tink he is sooo daym fine n sexxii yo i think he can rap like hell hes the best round eh .. ne ways yo what i think or eminem... ezA nuff outtie

Eminem | Reviewer: Rahul | 5/24/05

I guess people love and hate Eminem. I guess those who love or like him do relate to his real life struggle adn aknowledge his acheivements thorough hard work and determination whereas those who hate him realize that they are losers and are jelous of his success. His lyrics are hard hitting but reflects his honest opinion in a sarcastic and slang which toda's genre relates very closely except some hypocrites.
In fine, Eminem Rocks and he rules...

I like his songs | Reviewer: eminemcrazy | 5/18/05

i am not a die hard fan of eminem but i doblike his songs. i think he means every damn word he says. i don't think he is hot at all.

eminem is so cool 14/05/2005 | Reviewer: chloe redman | 5/14/05

i think eminem is one of the best rap artists around. i dont understand why people always say that he is a bad influence. he is just expressing his opinions and he is showing how much he cares for his people. slim shady rules

All about this fabulous man | Reviewer: orange | 5/7/05

Eminem grew up in a one hell of a messed up family. Someone mentioned here something about "why/who the hell will give a heck about his daughter or that his mom is a crackhead" Well, i think you're pretty against Marshall. It's all pretty simple, he led one tough life, had a broken family, and now that he's got a family of his own, he realised that it's important. Songs like "Mockingbird" shows how much he loves his daughter and that he's sorry for giving her a broken home. Perhaps this is one of his ways to ask listeners to cherish and treasure everyone around us. For that song, Mosh, he writes and sings what he thinks, which is something i really admire about him. He ain't afraid of Bush or whatever. He speaks not only his mind, but also the people's. People feared the governments, hence, they don't dare to speak up for what they disagree with. Eminem did.

Plus we can see he worked really hard to climb this ladder. He was being discriminated since young. The world all looked down on him, people around him discouraged him alot, saying he shouldn't go into rapping because he's white, only blacks raps. But look at him now! He's a world-known rapper, the most controversial rapper in the universe, he made it big, all because he had a WHOLE bunch of determination.

About his offensive languages, yes he may be a little crude sometimes but i think he's cute. Okay now i'm pretty sick of typing. All in all, Eminem is someone we should all look up to, for his courage to stand out from the blacks and for his wondrous determination, for that, cheers for Marshall.

And his new album isn't crap nor worse than the old ones, he's trying out new stuffs, hoping for more supports. And Marshall, we'll all give it to you. =) we love you!!!

PS: Em's got a great body, he's hottttttt! TOTALLY!!

i am not cocky nor concieted | Reviewer: tarnvir | 4/4/05

i love singing but i dont rap much. i am a girl by the way. i live in canada, surrey. i one day will be a big celebrity like eminem and therefore i will get to meet eminem too. I think me and em will get a long great. i usually get along with everyone bye peace

Kill you. | Reviewer: bleep | 3/30/05

Eminem says whatever the hell he wants to, and I'm pretty sure msot of you writing these reviews wouldn't have the balls to do what he does. What the fuck are you talking about, his old shit is garbage? His OLD shit is better then his new shit. Encore was a joke of a CD.

Eminems amazing | Reviewer: Livi | 3/28/05

I think Eminems an amazing rapper, who raps about what he believes in and has the guts to say what he wants to. The people who don't respect him or his opinion aren't forced to listen to his music, so stop complaining. If you actually listen to the lyrics you'll be surprised. Also, songs like Mockingbird and Hailie's Song show a different side to him - you can tell just by these songs how much he loves and cares for his daughter.

Plus hes hot.

None | Reviewer: Lil Shady | 3/18/05

I am Palestenian and i think Eminem is the best white rapper in all times

WAY Over Rated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/05

I don't know what the heck people think when they hear this crap. I must say the very latest material has come along way and CERTAIN tunes are good, i must say, but most all and his old people, he doesn't do anything more than talk...and like kid rocks early material is all about him, his life, and family. I mean, who the hell cares about his kid or that his mom is a crack head. He's not hot or cute. He looks like a nerd and as in his bio, in school probably got the crap kicked out of him. Lastly, what is up with people falling his stupid speech mannerisms? Are people soo stupid no-a-days that they can't even tell how transparent he is. K, coming from DETROIT, people over here call people like him wanna-be's and wiggers, because they wanna be black, and so their white people ACTING a bunch is niggers. In all, another person where they shouldn't be...should be back in the trailer with his girlfriend. Mosh is a good song...and i don't support the intention of it (against bush, etc).

Eminem has done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: justafan | 1/25/05

get his new album its hotttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!trust me he wont let you down

Crazy or insane? | Reviewer: Simmfear | 1/20/05

I believe that Eminem has done a fantastic job of realizing his faults and written them on paper. Some of his lyrics are barberic but mostly sweet. He seems like a loving father and wonderfully in touch with his music. I am eager to hear more from him.