I missed u Em | Reviewer: DLynn | 9/4/09

ah i missed u em i havent hered of u since mocking bird came out, glad to here ur back in da game, what makes me a fan of urs is that ur real,u tell it like it is, u dont give a fuck what ppl think and i don't either. I think ur one of the greatest rappers out their. I have always bein and always be ur biggest fan. I even got in an argument with this kat who was dissin u when i went down to mississippi on easter break afew years back after katrina hit.

Eminem best rapper alive! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/09

Da fucker who said dat eminem accent is bad is a bitch....damn fuckin street bitch. Wel eminem is da best rapper in da world no one can rap like him. First of all bitch wat u knw abt music more than eminem.Eminem voice roxxxxx! And eminem is the rap king 4ever!Ur a dumb ass! Somebody on a fine day eminem fans only burn up ur ass in front of ur home. B ready 2 get it fucker asshole.

youngest fan ever!!!!! | Reviewer: louis | 7/20/09

im louis and im 4 and eminem rocks.I know all the moves and the words to your songs.I listen to you first thing in the morning and last thing at night,it does my brothers head in.My favorite songs are Beautiful,loose yourself,mocking bird,sing for the moment and we made you.

you are the best!!!!!! louis

if i could | Reviewer: chimere | 7/17/09

thanx your music has put a lid on the chick on the inside who just wont shut hte fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!! u help me to realize i can b me and not worry who cares cause i am wateva they say i am . slim keep my ears ringing ans it wont get ugly i love u

marshall bruce, <3 | Reviewer: sierah | 7/13/09

:DDD i'm in love with every single song of yours. wow you're the best rapper on the charts. i listen to your music everyday, & every time i listen to music it's mainly yours. i read alot of shit about you and i read the lyrics to your songs ! and i actually understand where you're comming from. and i promise one day i WILL meet you. i'm not no phscyco freak, soo don't get the wrong impression on me. i think that anyone who don't like your music is insane. it's the best music i've ever heard. i love like almost every one of your songs, i think i already said that. but i'd have to say my favorite as of right now is either, my mom or beautiful ! there incredible. you alone are incredible. man, i would die to meet you. when i heard that you had an over dose, i cryed for real. i was so scared and upset. i've listened too you ever since you came out, no lie either. ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you that you're my favorite person in the music buisness. <33 i love you so fucking much. you're so amazing. and i don't care what people think. and i don't care what people say about this comment. i'm not obbsessed with you, but i just love your music and it would be like a dream come true for me to meet you. <3 i love you.
-sierah <3

eminem,im your biggest fan ever | Reviewer: Hanoi Rodriguez | 6/5/09

shady i love all your songs i wish some day i could sing with you,ma friens make fun of me cuz the only music that i hear is your music,but you know wath i dont give a fuck what they say,some times i think that im just like you in many ways,well shady rigth now im just 14 years old i hope that with 15 or 16 i could sing with you a new albun,thats my dream..................

wow!!! | Reviewer: L.c | 6/3/09

Yo! what's up Eminem? I am 1 of your fans...I love your rap...I love your songs...and I love everything about you!A big congratulation to you for your sucsess!! WOW!!! That's cool huh!! You are a really good rapper... May God's bless you............

WOW. | Reviewer: The one. | 5/28/09

god u ppl. every one has there own damn opinions and they dont have to bow down to the ones who love eminem. he is a human being. yea maybe has money., but he isnt any diff from us. its stupid how ppl run up to stars adn scream. its not like they r more valuable than we r. treat them with respect. i dont think they enjoy ppl screaming ad fallin all over them. i kno i woudlnt. but they do got good skills. w/e. just speakin the truth. <33

No.1 fan of Eminem | Reviewer: Leanne | 5/31/09

Hello Eminem ;)
Well, how are you? i just wanna say well done and thank you for making an new album; i only just bought it today :D i have downloaded loads of your other songs :D i love My dads gone crazy (:, Bully, When i'm gone, Lose yourself and so many more. in fact i love them all! i even like the ones on your new album. i Mainly like We made You ;) but ile end up loving them all! (: i think your a good rapper and your so fit ;) hehe, i love you! and seeing you on 8 mile is amazing! i'm obsessed with you and i love you so much; well done for getting this far! :D idk why i said that lolol. I've been a fan from the beginning, well probs when i first heard Lose yourself etc. (: and that was like 4/5 years a go i think (:
i love you i love you ♥

Eminem is the fucking best! | Reviewer: Nikki | 5/30/09

I fucking love his songs and I think he's the greatest rapper of all but tupac will always be the greatest rapper too. I love eminems new album and all his other albums aswell. I feel sorry for him when be was younger the way his mum treated him .. Biatch and u believe what eminems songs say bout her cuz if he didn't have a bad childhood then why would he write all those songs about her! And fuck anyone who hates eminem FUCK THEM!!!

Love Eminen forever !

Garbage | Reviewer: J | 5/19/09

What is the deal with this new album? It's garbage! I waited like 5 years for him to make a good album and this isn't it by far. What the hell is up with him and that stupid accent he uses now? I thought it was just a spoof off of Triumph the Insult Dog, but he seems to like it. Why? He sounds like a gd idiot. There are a few tracks that are worth listening to, but the rest are terrible. What a waste of time. He should just throw in the towel. And that's a shame too, because he WAS one of the best ever and now he sounds like a retard. If you think this album and his made up accent is good, then you are an idiot too. Why didn't Dre or 50 or anybody for that tell him he sounds so stupid?

person below... shut the fuck up. eminem is king. | Reviewer: none | 5/8/09

first of all, your a dumbass. eminem is raw as fuck your just a bitch. how you gunna call eminem stupid when you cant even spell NOW-a-days. you fuckin dumb fuck. dont hate cuz you dont have skill like eminem. just cuz your family probably spoiled the shit outta you, dont mean you gotta hate because his hardships growing up has given him insperation to write music.
you say he belongs in a trailer? well he lives in a fuckin mansion now so shut your hatin ass up. you think he looks like a nerd? i bet you wouldnt tell him that strait up. i bet your a faggot who got ass raped growing up. so get a life and stop hatin because you have no skill. eminem, you are RAW!!!!!!!!!!! i love your music im yo biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!

EM is real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

I know alot of people think that Rappin is just a way of becoming famous, but people who think that don't listen to the music i do. The best way to understand his shit is to experience it yourself. I feel alot like Eminem because he been through alot shit that people dont give a fuck about. we all have been through stuff but not the way like he has. I self also have been through alot and i'm making my own career as well. i was 16 when i had my 1st child and that is something you cant run away from even though you feel the world is becoming to much for a moment. the way i get it off my mind is by writing and singing about it, just like eminem.

i give my fullest respect to you,
Respect slim shady!


mad the best artist for ever | Reviewer: Dale bryan iceman | 4/15/09

Eminem is the realest artist he kills every track and rides the beat as its nothing he is just the best all the time and the new albulm man I got to get them yow em I respect how you love you daughter and stuff great dad unbelievable man you should come on your in Jamaica man!!!

The Best Rapper (Marshall Mathers III) | Reviewer: BeLLa | 4/9/09

I am a big fan from eminem i know alot about him ..and i find him a really good rapper , 1 OF THE BEST should i say..eminem songs a really emotional and i find that he put alot of effort in to his song ..marshall mathers is the best love you ...!!!