Best | Reviewer: Chriscat | 2/18/10

Eminem is the best rapper ever, and even tho he is white, it shouldn't matter, BUT IT DOES, he is the only white rapper in the game yet he is so nasty, my top 5 rappers of all time-eminem, big, pac, nas, mos def, and ludacris, if anyone who thinks there is someone better, please let me know

Em ya is a beast | Reviewer: Gnigslie | 1/31/10

till you collapse ya spillin ya raps long as ya feel it till the day that ya drop ill never say that yournot hip-hop, and your always gonna be EMINEM your are the greatest rapper ever your sly ryhmes hit us home. Peace out

Your the best | Reviewer: tiffany | 1/28/10

hey eminem your the best i love you music so much and i realte to you so much because we have been through the same things as kids and you r music is true damn i love you your the best. your BIGGEST FAN TIFFANY

The most amazing person , | Reviewer: Marissa Marie Evans . | 1/16/10

i could ever listen too , & have such relation too his life , in different ways you speak my life , you're all over my walls LOL , i listen to you non-stop , & i never get tiredd , yr true in everyway possible , yr big minded , & not afraid to speak the truth you're the best thing i've actually not officially met but could have , i look up to you in ways people dont , damn straight i could be you're number one fan , aha.
id loved to meet you anyday , & props too you're good looks (;
ahah .

biggest fan | Reviewer: Jerry Vandiver | 1/12/10

Hey man you r so awsome u r like my idel. dont worry i wont do like that stan kid. btw my college is letting me do a report about u. i have most of ur info well gtg ttyl keep on make those hits o btw sry bout proof in ur book(the way i am) he sounds like a good man well go 2 finish my report. peace.

the royal of the rap for life | Reviewer: ali_nas+218926229940 | 1/2/10

hey marshal mather there's no star without fans and the best of the best is the onley person who has big various or and big fan of people this what you are realy dead yeah you realy deat go ahead slim shady you're the lighting way of rap i want you to know that you'r the only one that i can Compare him with tupac you're the legendry of rap you're some thing can't being describe by letters cant't being describe by poem can't being describe by paint if there some word could show you to the world is the ever incredible artist in the word urgent i love more than my self

rapperinhll | Reviewer: ishan | 12/2/09

Hey eminem you'r the legend and king of rap .
I got inspiration from you, specially when i saw your movie 8 mile. it is god damn good the music "loose your self" and battle with loto & pp doc.."i have 7 gigit dollars foe your mother tomorrow " and "now every body from the 3-1-3 put your muthe!@#4 hands up and follow r the god damn cool rapper.

Your My Idol . . | Reviewer: Andjar | 11/30/09

I Andjar fans from Indonesia rather small town in central Java called SOLO, I was really liked you until I airbrush motorcycle picture you, my son was born I give you names like "MARSHALL KURNIAWAN Pasha". I and my family really wants to see you, anytime you come to Indonesia and make a show of songs you Indonesia.semua I like but my favorite song is Mockingbird, WHEN I'M GONE, SUPERMAN.

Hook me up wif a record deal plz... | Reviewer: Scato | 11/30/09

Hey Em dnt knw if ya goin 2 get ths tho bt anyway il take my chances.. im a rap artist frm Port Elizabeth South Africa and wish 2 make it international sumday. Ive got mad skill been rapping since 2000 and nw that im 18 ppl believe i got wot it takes 2 make it in ths game. Y not judge 4 urself... "We off the hinges cash money runnin thru the tips of our fingerz blood suckin leaches, every coulerd wanta piece of our riches u fukin bitches! Yal cn turn around n feast on my feaces, ya girl b gvin me kisses coz ima beautiful species. Ther b degraders, discriminatorz they hate us coz we famous, yal cnt blame us nor taint us ths coulerd b poppin a bullet up ur anus! the street made us they playd man so fukem lil haterz, screw them fagot imitatorz Mystic OG'z b the greatest" Thatz a piece frm our latest mixtape dna if yal lyk it bt thatz how we keep thnz poppin... peace!

from Russia.... | Reviewer: roman-jew | 11/15/09

Hi!!! My name's Roma. I'm from Russia.I just say that Eminem's one of the best rap the executores)Though you all know it. We,Russian, are very respect him.Thanks your songs........

Eminem | Reviewer: Kelly | 11/10/09

You may be kinda fucked up to the general public but I find you raps realistic and stimulating. I am still in high school and my nickname has become eminem. I hope that i can live up to the person that you are and the musical talent that you have.

Hi | Reviewer: Morgyn | 10/20/09

(listening to you right now)Hi,you rock and you have to be one of the funniest artists eva.And I kinda have a crush on you my friends who r girls wonder why cause they r into poppy shit which I hate most of my guy friends like you, probaly not as much as me though.the thing is though I don't like rap that much(I'm more into Panic at the disco,fall out boy and stuff) it's just your music it's real and you mean it and I like listening to stuff in my room on my own and thinking and your music makes me do that!

hello | Reviewer: bryar mccrea | 10/15/09

Hey eminem i been witte you but you didn't write back at me do you remember your song stan i love that song and if you are reading this i am going to be in the army, when i am older. Also im your #1 fan.

hi! | Reviewer: Maya | 9/25/09

hey shady!
i'm a new fan, just wanna say that I Love ur music, i love ur rap. the new album scares the shit outta me, but i love it still! KEEP MAKIN THE DOPEST SHIT IN THE WORLD, AND KEEP PISSIN' OFF THOSE WHO OPPOSE U!!- safely, of course.XP
peace 2 all!!

wot a darlin | Reviewer: Donna | 9/20/09

lovin ur new album,more interested in you tho bbe,ur my alltime badboy,yep u got wot i need,not goin lick ur arse to get it tho,ur still human duk,youve inspired me enuf to follow my own dream,that'll do 4 me,loadsa love n hugs,xxxx