Emanuelmckee | Reviewer: Emanuel mckee | 5/6/11

I like your first song you ever wrote lose yourself and cleaning out my closet and the real slim shandy and new song not afraid and no love and fast lane your song are fucking awesome. and I need your help and I wrote a song called lose myself I not done with I need your advice to frishes the arest of it please write and write some Idea for my song p.s

nothin better than M | Reviewer: tsietsi | 4/26/11

he is an icon,nd hes alwys real,he doesnt praise himself.and hes the only one who can do rap.i love u marshall.god may keep you longer so dt the comin generation may witness what god has made out of u man.

life. | Reviewer: sabrina | 4/15/11

Eminem you are my inpiration i never missed a concert i listen to your music everday all day. You make me happy. With out your music im nothing. It sorta reminds me of my life cause im 11 and my life is sorta like that. Anyway im going to end this..

hey everyone | Reviewer: cj | 4/13/11

marshall bruce mathers III born 10-17-73! marshall is the only and best rappers they could ever be! i gotta best friend named haley and she sounds just like him when she sings his songs its so amazing i <3 them soo much(:

re:lauriee | Reviewer: teri | 4/7/11

oh my ,lauriee whoever you are out there. i was about to cry when i read what you wrote because i felt so sorry for you. i am so happy though that eminem's songs has healed you little by little. i can not relate much to eminem but i love him so muuuucchh!! he is my favorite rapper of all time. his songs are so easy put your heart into and he has such a gift with words.Eminem: your songs bring peace to so many people's heart. keep on rapping. love you sooo much!!! <3<3<3<3<3

letta | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

u r one of the best rappers in the business. my life is alot like yours, my mom left me when i was little and i never knew my father, when my mom was around it was a inconveince on her. she is a drug addict as well. i found your music when i was about 15. and it helped me through a time in my life when i really needed it i just want to say thank you, cause i dont know where i would be if it wasnt for the words you rapped. they made me realize that i wasnt the only one out there to grow up shitty. thanks

Amazing | Reviewer: Tj | 3/21/11

Hey eminem I'm 13 and wen I feel shitty or am pissed off I listen do lose your self and I calm down cuz music is my passion wish I could right raps like u and my friends say I should rap cuz apparently I'm good at it as well as beat boxing

ur the best | Reviewer: lauriee | 3/19/11

Hi im 12 years old and you have helped me alot in my depression and when i listen you your music all the bullcrap just go away.... untell ur songs end. I was so close to suicide untell i found your music i stay strong now and will no matter how crappy my life gets i know i can just put my ipod on and i listen to your lirycs and i feel so much better of how much my life sucks... Thank- you Marshall :))

thanx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

hi,im rmz i like your songs because u r d best rapiest in the world god given u best voice and u use it perfect way i wish u read this little msg.god bless u i need a doctor is ur greatest song in the world

Whoa | Reviewer: Sammie | 3/9/11

Hey, Your music is amazing. It's so inspiring. Honestly, you're my idol. I love your old songs more than your new ones. Your old ones speak to me more than the new ones. I love "Cleaning out my closet", "Lose yourself", "When I'm gone", "My dads gone crazy", "Big Weenie" and yeah. They're amaaziinggg. :) <3

jigs | Reviewer: sonamdolma | 2/23/11

hi,i am a big fan of u from the country bhutan.i lisented many songs sung by u and i had a great enjoyment while listening the beatiful songs.i think that my aspiration wil be a singer just lik u.love u, god bless u,gud luk n c u.......

u r god | Reviewer: ronak | 2/14/11

I'm only 13 but I think your a really good rapper, and I wish I cld kno you on a personal level. I listen to Mockingbird every night and I just wish you were my dad. My dad cheats on every women he has ever been with and he's a terrible father. Your daughters are very lucky to hav you as a father. I can be in th shittiest mood an I will listen to you and I feel better.i understand your music and I just wanted to say thanks. And I love you, you've helped me alot.

Luv u | Reviewer: Naqi | 2/1/11

Eminem, i really think that you should try to make songs that are appropriate cause some people like to listen to you. But the teachers don't let them because it has curses in it. Thanks.
We all love your music. Its the best of the best.

inspiration | Reviewer: chas | 1/31/11

In many ways you have impacted my life evrytime I got upset I would listen to you and then it seemed like you understood and made me feel like I wasn't alone please, keep up the good work and never stop doin what do:)

U rock ma world | Reviewer: Bonie | 1/22/11

Jst wanna say eminem u r da best u rock ma world big time n i lyk ur songz all dem dey rock especially no apologies n superman u r da best GOD BLESS U,Im ur huge fan im l8 year old girl 4rm south africa