Eminem's back again!! | Reviewer: 89 | 12/13/06

December 5th. "Re-up" is out! Eminem's back again! the wait's over!! and yeah, that album's worth the longg wait. he's been missing for so long. all fans are worrying. its wonderful to see him back again! lets hope he'll do a tour soon!

i love eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/06

i am like madly in love with Eminem!! i love every thing about him

EMINEM!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/06

K...i like love eminems music (all of it)....and he is hott...and as 4 all u ppl who say he talks about his mom being a crack head 2 much and 2 much about his life...he is just being honest and it feels good when some ppl listen 2 his music cuz ppl can relate 2 it.....eminem is the best rapper ever....

huge fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/06

Very big fan of eminem got about 200 songs. i like songs like Lose Yourself, Stan, Guilty Conscience, Sing For The Moment, Purple Pills, My Band, Mockingbird and stuff. 10/10

error | Reviewer: katie | 5/14/06

eminem has 2 daughters and curtin call waz his last cd!so he could spend more time with his family!


da bomb | Reviewer: shadys_wifey | 4/30/06

yo yo eminem iz da best rapper in da U.S.A 4 sho!! He is ma idol, I dun c how ppl can hate dis dude, they all jus jealous cos he got potential n most ppl thinks he's numba 1. Well all da haterz keep hating cos nun's gonna change about dis fineeeee rapper, he gon always b on top no matter wat, n kim u missed out big time, he's da best father n I'm sure a devoted husband but she dunno what she's missin until he's gone. Anywayz eminem u keep on doing ya thang n I'm hopin 2 meet u sumday.
Ur biggest fan,
ice princess

I need help!! | Reviewer: heidi | 4/2/06

I'm a girl from Norway, and I love Marshall, but here in Norway we dont hear so much about him, and I am trying to find out were he is now, what his address is, and if u can help me with that write me a e-mail to husmus_89@hotmail.com..

The best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/06

Eminem is the most fantastic rapper of all time. I love listening to him. We need him to do another Tour.
Em I love ya xxx

NEWS!!! | Reviewer: Porn Sheep | 2/7/06

Y'all think you got balls to grab and start to rap, if you don't mind I beg to differ.
Let me the one to open your eyes and y'all don't give me that glare...
A glare that says "wtf mate", well I'll show you I'm da great.

No doubt Eminem rules, but no real rapper will ever forget his accomplice, Dr.Dre and their apprentice 50 cent, with his G-Unit...and now MOB.
Eminem is and probably will be the only white rapper to keep loyal to the game, Unlike Vanilla Ice and the Beastie Boys, who fluncked out...oh yeah and let us not forget Ray Benzino, Editor of The Sauce, oh I mean of the Source, who is a Half White old pop, oh yeah we should respect our elders right? Yes, but not Benzino...tryin' gettin rich of his kid...sicko

CORRECTION | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/06

In the "autobiographie" written about Eminem there is a mistake. Stephanie Smith (Kim Basinger) who was the mother of Jimmy Smith Jr. (Eminem) was not played by Kim, the ex-wife of Eminem, meaning not by kim Scott, but by Kim Basinger-

Kim Basinger was born December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia, the third of five children. Both her parents had been in entertainment, her dad had played big-band jazz, and her mother had performed water ballet in several Esther Williams movies. Kim was introspective, from her father's side. As a schoolgirl, she was very shy. To help her overcome this, her parents had Kim study ballet from an early age. By the time she reached sweet sixteen, the once-shy Kim entered the Athens Junior Miss contest. From there, she went on to win the Junior Miss Georgia title and traveled to New York to compete in the national Junior Miss pageant. Kim, who had blossomed to a 5' 7" beauty, was offered a contract on the spot with the Ford Modeling Agency. At the age of 20, Kim was a top model, commanding $1,000 a day. Throughout the early 1970s, she appeared on dozens of magazine covers and in hundreds of ads, most notably as the Breck girl. Kim took acting classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse, performed in various Greenwich Village clubs, and sang under the stage name Chelsea. Kim moved to Los Angeles in 1976, ready to conquer Hollywood. Kim broke into television doing episodes of such hit series as "Charlie's Angels" (1976). In 1980, she married Ron Snyder-Britton (they divorced in 1989). In movies, she had roles like being a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again (1983) and playing a small-town Texan beauty in Nadine (1987). Her breakout role was as photojournalist Vicki Vale in the blockbuster hit Batman (1989). There was no long-orchestrated campaign on her part to snag this plumb role, Kim was a last-minute replacement for Sean Young. This took her to a career high.

With perhaps too much disposable income, Kim headed up an investment group that purchased the entire town of Braselton, in her native Georgia, for $20 million (she would later have to sell it). In 1993, Kim married Alec Baldwin, and in 1995 they had a daughter, Ireland Eliesse. Kim took some time off to stay at home with her child. Kim, who loves animals and is a strict vegetarian, devoted energy to animal rights issues and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), even posing for some ads. In 1997, Kim gave an Oscar-winning performance in the film noir classic L.A. Confidential (1997). Kim's salary for I Dreamed of Africa (2000) was $5,000,000, putting her firmly in the category of big-name movie star. And no doubt there are still many great things ahead, in the career of cover girl turned Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger.

i hope i made it clear.



Man marshel's my mothaduckin idole ive been listenin to his shit since i waz 12 and not much has changed even if i dont agree with one of his songs someone else will and yall best beleive i agree with everysingle one of his songs his flow is like no otha hes a music genious he has more songs then ill ever get to memorize so yall bESt RESPECT THAT

Eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/05

Where do I start on eminem. His music is absolutely mind blowing. He got me through my GCSE's. his music is the most important thing 2 me seeing as I had a bad childhood myself. Anyone who slags him off need their brain checked and a good beating. No one can say they don't like him cus everyone likes atleast one of his songs. And those emnem "fans" who only like his singles and not this unreleased songs should be shot. End of story

Untitled | Reviewer: Thor | 9/9/05

Eminem is awesome. End of story! Anyone who likes hard out rhyming, words that'll make you shit your pants, and vocabulary that will blow your mind... THEN THIS ARTIST IS FOR YOU! Eminem is white, and proud. A perfect rolemodel for young kids to stand up and fight for themselves instead of hiding, and let's face it... HE'LL MAKE YOU LAUGH...
Have a Nice Day :)

Thorie The Horie, AKA Shae's Bum Bum.


Eminem CAN Sing | Reviewer: Lisnin 2 eminem n luvin it | 9/6/05

We fink tht eminem as a gr8 voice despite wot ny1 out der sez bout im n wt he sez bout imself!! yh he is an awesome rapper an he finks of gr8 stuff 2 rite aobut n evryfin n we lv him 4 dat 2 but afta hearin Hailie's Song we fink he can def sing betta dan loadsa singas out der but all we've heard ppl say is dat he cant sing at all! but HE CANNN - not as gd as he can rap but almost lol
we r agreein wit all of ya hu r ritin in sayin dat eminem roks n we r big fans as wel so if u lv eminem as much as we do thn u shud c ow mch of a gr8 singa e rli is!!

Fuck critics! | Reviewer: Rhea | 8/26/05

Who could not like Eminem?
He's just fricking amazing with his meaningful and sometimes funny lyrics. That voice just totally sweeps you off your feet if you are sane enough to fall for it. If you have watched his interviews, especially VH1's 'Evolution of Eminem', you'll see that he's damn sensitive and intelligent.
God, he's so good looking, too. I loved his film, 8 Mile, and the part where he shows his ass to his rival during a battle was great!
Critics go on and on criticizing (hah) him for his outrageous lyrics and constant put-downs of famous musical and political figures. But, those are the things that he feels and Eminem has each and every right to say what he feels. We can relate with some of his thoughts, can't we?
His 'sensitive' songs like Lose Yourself and The Way I Am are amazingly touching and The Real Slim Shady and My Band are just fricking funny!!