Best Ever | Reviewer: Zarux | 3/28/09

Em is lyk OMG beyond comment. his songs 2 me r inspiring. I sometime cry when i listen to EM wifout even realizing. A song like cleaning out ma closet is just like the water i drink. That song gave me fame back in ma University days cuz i mimed it on stage when we were having a sent forth party. I just want to hear a bust by EMINEM n IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE. Dis two, i compare wif no artist.

Speechless | Reviewer: Kevin | 3/17/09

I feel as though Eminem does deserve to be in that list of the greatest rappers of all time. I'm not just going by sales or anything, but Eminem was and still is, the only rap artist to ever outsell Tupac. Besides, another reason why I like Eminem is because he never went mainstream for anybody, he always spoke from the heart and spoke what he felt. Never holding his tongue for no goddamn body. That's the main reason why he faced and still faces so much controversy today because of that. If you can't respect the fact that Eminem is one of the greatest rappers alive, then your whole perspective of Hip-Hop is diminished completely.

white america. | Reviewer: candy | 3/11/09

eminem is such an amazing rapper. i love his muisic so much.some of his song i can relate to... well not directly, becausei havent experienced some of the same this that he has, but i've been through some stuff, and it kinda helps listening to his lyrics. i also know what its like to be white, but be in situations where it would definatley be alot easier if you were black. my little brother raps alot, and wants to be a rapper, cuz eminem was his inspiration.
i sing alot too, and we did our own version of when im gone, together, and it sounded amazing(but it could never compare to the real thing)
i know that he is disses for his lyrics, and he isnt exacley what most parents want their kids to be listening to, but i cant understand why,
because he rapps about the harsh realalites of the world, and i think that every one is going to get a taste of it sooner or later,
hes just making it make a little more sense, and showing you that youre not going in it alone.

yo shady!!!! how's life?????? huh | Reviewer: sanpreet singh | 3/7/09

i know you won't even read this but still i wanna say that you are the best rapper on earth and your music is just outstanding.And especially the way you move your hands while singing a song is just so cool,don't stop singing even if you are 100,you are doing a great job cause you taken the rap music to such great heights.I hope your forthcoming album "RELAPSE" will break all the previous records. I just hope you get to hear this

gondii | Reviewer: agron | 3/7/09

hi my name is agron, i am albanian,i like very much eminem he is the best just go right man you are so so good raper,by man and my dream its just to see eminem live and to speack with hem he is legend

EMINEM... | Reviewer: Simone | 3/5/09

i first started listening to eminem when i was litle because my big sister and big brother were fans and ofcours i started liking him to... i realy like his music and my fave is proberly hailies song and mockingbird... i'm actualy doing a report for school about hailies song and i would realy like to here when it was released it's the only thing i need... so i hope that you can answere me...
and to you marshall i hope you stil go on tour but see much more of your family...
xoxo Simone

Marshall Mathers | Reviewer: Ghun | 2/6/09

Tha 1st Em song i hear is "Mockingbird", that's when i really turn from nu metal of Linkin Park to be a rap fan. I study his rhyme and other artists' and i realise Em can make unmatched rhymes become quite rhythmic. Vibe's The Best Rapper Alive competition has chosen Eminem as tha best rapper alive. I have no surprise when he beat Nas 53-47, and defeated Jay-Z in the final 64-36. He's the best rapper alive. In my list, Em is no2 under 2Pac.

best rapper ever | Reviewer: varun lp | 12/26/08

yo slim shady . u r my ideal . i always want to b like u but india is not that type country .i realy want to be a rapper . its fine to me
i hope to b
good fine rapper
lik water hav d vapour.

i have d ass more than d toilet seat
i release d gas more dan bass beat
but still m having that bloody heat
to make others touch my feat

how you do it? | Reviewer: Em Lyric lover | 12/21/08

Yo, How you come up with the lyric and rhymes that you do? ur increadable. i love what you'r sayin in you'r songs. like you say in "Stan" WHEN ever i am having a hard time with anything I play one or two of you'r songs and it settles me down. and if im not having a bad day i listen to somthing like "blow my buzz" and laugh my ass off. seams like no matter th occasion, wether its a fucked up one, or a good one, you'r got a song for the exact moment. and i thank you for it. you'r stuff has got to be good if it is touching me. im a 16 year old rancher from montana, i wear shit kickers and a coyboy hat. and no other music artist touches me more with there music than you do. so keep up the good work, cant w8 for you'r next album. hurry up i know all the words to all ur old songs! need more!

eminem | Reviewer: darryl =] | 12/13/08

this dude iss great man i hated him wen i was likr 7 my brother loved him off n get me into hes music hes like my idoll hes gotta b the best rapper tht ever wlked thiss earth
nuff love too u dude =]

sup man | Reviewer: Max | 12/13/08

I'am just like you man.You C i figured out most of your messages,I am growing up in ghetto but i C what's your point man,you had fucked up life,but you made it man,so you are telling all the people like us ''not to give up,to fight to the end''and we're all appreceated for that. THANKS AND TAKE CARE

just some words | Reviewer: christie | 11/30/08

I began listening to your music when i was around 8 years old now that I am 18, i actually understand the messages you put across. Your words have changed the fucked up feelings i had towards my family, transformed some of the bad things i got into into something good, most of all thanks for letting the world know that not everyones life is perfect.

with respect and admiration

Listen harder | Reviewer: Kitty | 11/28/08

Honestly, most of you KIDS need to listen a little harder to what Marshall has to say on those CD's. You are the momo's he raps about! You really need to grow up and get a grip on reality when you let someone in the limelight dictate your actions. As for the drop outs...congradulations, you can't spell, can't put a proper sentence together, you have sealed your fate. I grew up in the ghettos too but chose not to stay there. Marshall may have started with a shit life but look at all he has now. He made something of himself, maybe some of you should try to follow his example instead of focussing on the cuss words and chorus of his music. Hear the whole song, the man has some powerful messages under all the cussing and ranting. **keep speaking your mind, just make sure you know what your talking about.

YET another fan | Reviewer: Erica | 11/25/08

hay look i no that u prob wnt even reed this but i'll rit it anyways....
i'm 14 and my rents just broke up, my mates have all left and one of them recently hung himself, he was my boyfrien.
life's a fuked up thing, nothing will ever get me through this time, i understand alot of things u went through and i think ur a legend for getting through everything and prooving too everyone ur not a failir. i dropped outta school las year cause i got expeld for hitting one of the teechers, the cunt was talking about my parents so yeah any way ur raps are an insparashon too me and i want u to no that.. xoxox <3 always Erica..

Dude.. | Reviewer: Bradz | 11/23/08

I know u wont read this but im only 14 live in a shit whole , be lucky if u make 16 without getting stabbed, my dad fucked off when i was 3, my mum doesent giv 2 fucking monkesy about me and she always out, Anywayz all i wanna say is i respect you to da max

your biggest fan,
Bradz :)
thats my msn just incase