woow... | Reviewer: Hanieh | 10/21/11

Heres a big fan of you,Hanie but Iam from iran, ive never been in America or a foreign country but you know,my biggest desire is to see you and have a signitured picture of you,my wish is funny aint it?anyway its impossible!

HEART FELT SENSATION | Reviewer: Tim | 9/21/11

Yo Eminem Irespect what you do in this rap game, and you have inspired me 2 be a legendary rapper just like you. I truely listen 2 your songs for inspiration and try new flows and rhythms. I became in my opinion a natural at thr mic. I appreciate what you do on the mic. Thank You Tim

Have u ever loved someone so much you"d give an arm for? | Reviewer: Myranda lynn | 9/18/11

To someone so close but yet so far away....
Hello Marshall my names Myranda .I got a feelin that maybe u Just might read this,well I can only hope for the best RIGHT;)?you really r a dedicated artist and I know u love ur fans cuz without them there would b no inspiration or nothin to devote urself to.the FAMOUSE lifestyle isn't as great as it may seem ,I could only imagin.I'm no one but...myself like u say cause I am whatever u say I cuz if I wasn't then why would I say I am...etc.I'm me and I respect and look up to you who has to be always has to be whatchin their backs cause all the crazy ppl and BITCHEZ are on like flies on shit.not lettin u have a normal day doing whatever it may be that u r doing.I'm sorry that probably gets on ur nerves and ruins alot of ur persOnal activities .ur only u right ,and now all of us have a lite bit of thAt one Eminem (that ppl can't get enough of )inside our Souls to carryon with us through Any predicament or challenge.ur a leader not a follower (twitter is kinda lame if u ask me)but I'm the pandah bear209 who has been tweeting you like any othr fan would.I'm probably not interesting u or anyone with my (review) but this is only the beginning of the end to start fresh again.like I said on tweeter....
I'll take ur hand and never let it go until the end ,I just know I'll be right there to show ,the love that I feel belive me it's the realist of the real,if we were together then you'd feel the energy my heart seems to Overspill,the love of my life that is the only addiction im gonna be an addict for life,I have never met u face to face

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

Thank you eminem... I'm always put through hell by all the people.aroumd....at times I just wanna quit.... I know people don't like me amd just don't want me around... I rap and just fill my notebools with all raps...never able to become that ideal son- my father hates me....... Yoir lose yourself stuff inspires me so I just use all the disgust and frustration to write raps.....only wish you could read them once....thanks for inspiring me......your fan, not stan, this is khan

MR. AWSOME | Reviewer: anthony neukam | 9/13/11

Your music is the best out there. I love lil wayne to someday i hope to see u two do "drop the world" in concert. i think ur the best rapper out there mostly because ur music comes from heart and past expeireince. I HOPE TO MEET U SOME

gr8est rapper | Reviewer: st rinzin | 9/7/11

ay em.. dunno if ull read dis but anyway, been listenin to u for many phases of ma lyf so, i thought i gotta do dis..:)
im nnot gonna say ur gr8st n stuff but still U R one of dem greats dat ever lived man..
reaaaly reaaaly appreciate ur art man. ur achievements are milestones in the hip hop world.
uve touched so many lives n even brought so many people togeda.. really awesome man..

PS: i think albums after relapse were ur best ever..loved it like crazy. peace.

Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Gabriella | 8/27/11

Dear Eminem,
You are the greatest rapper in history! You inspire me, and tell me that dreams do come true, and if you really want soemthing, you keep trying. I love you and your music dearly, because it's unique. Most rappers don't write about their child hood or family, but you do, and it touches me becausse in 'Mockingbird" from the album released in 2005, "Curtain Call" you showed your love for your 2 gorgeous daughters, Hailie and Alaina, and even though Kim wasn't there, you managed to keep things right, and you protected your daughters. "Mockingbird" shows me what a great father you really are. I know you had a hard life, and I feel very sorry for you, but you overcame that hard life, and created a new one, one that you inspire young kids, and you are the most talented rapper in the whole wide world too me. I love you Eminem, and I always will! Please keep up the fabulous work!
love, your number one fan, Gabriella.
P.S. I would do anything to meet you in person! Love you, <333333333333

talk to you | Reviewer: alexis | 8/22/11

dear eminem i wish i was related to you i love your songs and all this year has been hell my parents put me and my little bro in fostercare and now we have no connection with family for awhile and your music reminds me of my childhood its been pretty bad my grandmother died in 2008 with cancer and my mom is a drug sddict and my dad is to. you remind me of my uncle he is kinda like very funny and talented if you get this e-mail please email me back eminem i love ya like you are related to me and i know you thinks thats wierd but its not i just need some family that will love and care for me and my little bro

legend | Reviewer: jSr | 8/10/11

eminem is my idol ! if anyone else tryed to sing his song it just wouldent work ! you cant help but appreaciate his talent, i listen to all his CD's ! im youtubing him all the time:D i fall asleeep listening to some of his song and when i wake up their still on and i keep it that way ! thank you eminem, you touched me and many others !

im not afraid | Reviewer: isaac | 8/9/11

i just wanted to say man im not your biggest fan but im probably up there with most of um i live in concord nh and im 13 you probably wont read this but my dad left me after he raped my mom and my mom is struggling with prescription drugs. when i first heard not afraid it gave me hope my mom is in rehab right now and i live with my grandparents. my gradfather gets pissed at me cause you are not a godly person and that you are a bad person but smart me what i do is blast your music louder. youve given me hope man i im jut here to let you know that people who dont like your new song can kiss my ass. there are more you than your older stuff wich is still pure gold. just wanted to tell my story in case you read this or to inspire someone else ;]

JUST OWESOME | Reviewer: Benjamin a.k.a Slim virus | 7/31/11

When i was little i use to go a particular place where they play eminem CDs, and each time i hear it 'wow amazing' i use to say. And this is how i grew up with it and now the rapper Eminem is part of me. And so i wana take this time out to be perfectly honest and to say Eminem is a role model and i owe him allegence. You're the king, I LOVE YOU MAN! 08064836702, 08058210626 from Nigeria

Applauding | Reviewer: lilshady | 7/28/11

My icon,i really appreciate all ur studio works ever listened 2 cos they worth millions songs if i'm right.You're just d best rappa alive ever existed and wil continue 2be...i'm shady also but am little i got underground shit like u man dress like u walk talk dance like u mehn it true i really pray 2b famous like u in ma country nigeria cos u're worth a mentor.Kipp it up u'll hear of me soon i'm ur little kid u trained

My role model. Shady(methers) | Reviewer: Tazz a.k.a Marshall-christian | 5/30/11

Hey man. Am m.c tazz. Am your unknown best no:1 fun ever man
just like stanley(stan)

life is so sad. Just want u to give me a chance ,just like d.r dre (aftermath label producer) man. Plz. Am a rapper to be discovered by you. Man. My full name is MARSHALL CHRISTIAN
u can call me internationAL (SOUTH AFRICA)
Every body knows that i deserv a chance from ma role model .and that's u eminem. Cant imagine

am cool man.
Take this special

iEffin Love You(: | Reviewer: DmRichotte | 5/19/11

Dear Eminem,
iLove your music, && iThink your a REALLY great rapper(: .... Your doin a great job, keep it up, iHope to hear more great music from you :D
iWish iCould meet you in person, i'd be super happy, lol(:

... Btw, iThink your really cute d:


My rhime | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/11

Sometimes times i just feel like quiten i still might why do i put up this fight why do i still wright, So when i have a shitty day i drift away and put em' on cos when im gone just carry on dont mourn and rejoice every time you here the sound of my voice cos i've been cursed, with this curse that just curse. Fuck this shit man im goin the fuck home and sing lose yourself and just get blown back to my 8 mile road